• Charxe

    1. Achivments are a nice goal to get push players to play more
    2. Yep
    3. Yep
    4. Sounds Dayz :D i like it.
    5. Yep I'd like to see whole guild system in this game
    6. +9.This could make fighting more exciting
    7. Like a decoration or with some skills ??? (wolf attacks etc.)
    8. Sounds like good oppurtinity to get some recipes and PvP area :)

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  • Charxe

    The reason behind pond was to create small moat that slow your enemies

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    • Landmark: Landmark is a simple building which is visible on screen the same way as home. Any player can place only 1 Landmark. Landmarks will be mostly used outside your home so the are fragile. Their crafting time should be very fast (i think something around spear, maybe). Other players should be able to destroy it with few hits.
      My Recipe proposal: 10 wood, 10 stone, 1 leather , knife, 10 stamina.
      Usage: If you find some trees, animals or you know that you are going to die u can place a landmark to find it.

    • Fishing: Safe way to get some food or find some garbage (stone, wood etc.)

      • Fishing rod: The simplest tool to catch a fish.
        My Recipe proposal: 2 wood, 1 raw leather/twine (depends on another Idea), knife,10 stamina.

      • Fishing net: Works as rod but it's faster and there is chance to catch bigger fish or 2 small fish. There is also a smaller chance to find garbage.
        My Recipe proposal: 5 wood, 5 raw leather/ 20 twine (depends on another Idea), knife, 20 stamina.

      • Fishing cage (only chest or game shop): This is maintenance-free Fishing net. When you are using rod or net you need to maintain fishing process but, when you use cage you can go do other stuff and come back later to gather your loot.
        My Recipe proposal: 20 wood, 1 raw leather/ 1 twine (depends on another Idea), axe, 50 stamina.

    • Water terraforming: Allows player to create their ponds, lakes or moat(moat sounds kind OP atm. :D )

      • Pond: A shallow water tank.
        My Recipe proposal: shovel, 10 water, 35 stamina.

      • Fish Pond: A water tank with fish.
        My Recipe proposal: 2 fish, 10 water, 15 stamina. Usable only on water tanks

      • Lake: A deep water tank.
        My Recipe proposal: shovel, 30 water, 80 stamina and a LOOOOOOOT of time

      • Pond vs Lake: The reason why I split water tanks in two different types of terrain is, Pond is shallow what means you can walk through this but slower and let's say using some stamina but on the other hand lake is to deep to do t
        at. So if you want to dig a moat you should use lake but it's take more time and water.

    • Clothing:
      • Flax: Simple plant with the same properties as wheat but different usage.

      • Spinning wheel: Used to craft Twine
        My Recipe proposal: 15 wood, axe , 15 stamina.

      • Twine: Made from a raw flax.
        Usage: Fishing rod/net, The simplest bow recipe
        My Recipe proposal: 10 raw flax, 5 stamina, Spinning wheel. 10 raw flax equals 1 twine.

      • Loom: Used to craft cloth.
        My Recipe proposal: 35 wood, 5 stone, axe, 30 stamina.

      • Cloth: material used to craft Clothes
        Usage: crafting cloths.
        My Recipe proposal: 5 twine, 10 stamina, loom. 5 twines equals 1 cloth.

      • Clothes: the idea of this was inspired by Joszi who suggested Seasons. So I would possibly use this proposal as reason to craft cloths which gives you a litle defence but protects you from cold.

    Any values are just proposal, and my feel of "balance"

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