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    AFAIK the only way to tell at what growth stage a plant/tree is at is through experience or comparing what you see with the images in the data files i.e.: crop_grapes.webp.

    Can you make it easier to tell at what growth stage a plant/tree is by adding the following?

    New line for a plant/tree's tooltip, under “Farming ##”.
    Growth stages for plants=
    1. Seedling (unwatered/unfertilized)
    2. Growing Seedling (watered/fertilized)
    3. “Plant name” Shoots
    4. Young “Plant name” (can be harvested)
    5. Mature “Plant name” (can be harvested, highest yield)
    6. Hay (exclusive stage for flax/rye/barley/weeds)
    7. Withered “Plant name”

    Growth stages for trees=
    1. Sapling (unwatered/unfertilized)
    2. Growing Sapling (watered/fertilized)
    3. Young “Tree name” Sapling
    4. Young “Tree name”
    5. Mature “Tree name” (can be harvested)
    6. Picked “Tree name” (already been harvested)
    8. Withered “Tree name”
    9. Dead “Tree name”

    Or something like it.

    And if there’s still enough space, a “Growth stage 1 of 4” below it, unless it’s redundunt.

    0_1527064939593_Growth stages.jpg

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    Any plans on making what's in the title real?
    Labium can get laggy and some days I get kicked back to the main menu fairly regularly.

    Also this happens (high traffic hours?)
    0_1527038363525_High traffic hours.jpg

    Atrocious pings around 8PM -11PM 5/22/18
    0_1527047028244_Atrocious pings 5-22-18.jpg

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