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    Thank you for the timely response! Keep up all the good work! Love the game so far!

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    So today I was out making the rounds of my Dominium, gathering, hunting, etc., and I came across a Lvl 63 Ferocious Bear that had decided to take up residence right near some new trees I had just planted. I have been all over this area a million times and never have I ran into any predators. Needless to say, I was surprised..I died...went back...died again, and again....I tried to get it to chase me so that I could get it out of the area, but he kept returning like it was his scripted zone to be I figured that since I was not strong enough to kill it, and he wouldn't go away that I would just build a pen for him so that I would always know where he was and he wouldn't catch me off guard one of these days and kill me again...This was far harder to do than I expected as there was no real way to build fast enough to cage him. Lets just say that with a lot of time and several more deaths I finally got lucky and he walked into the pen I had made out of Wattle Fence. I shut the gate and gave myself a pat on the back! Before I go any further, here is what I learned through the process:

    1- Predators can attack you and kill you through the fence so do not stand too close. (Yes I tried attacking the bear from inside the pen in hopes he couldn't get to me and would be an easy kill. Was I ever wrong...Death was swift for me to say the least.)

    2- Predators can destroy your fence and get to you. (I tried standing back and using a bow while the bear was inside the pen. I hit him and he gave chase running right into my fence that lasted all of a couple seconds before a section was destroyed and he came through and had me for dinner. Stone fence I am sure would last longer, but as you will read below, it really doesn't matter and would not be worth the resources.

    3- If a predator is on the screen, its movement pattern will change to come in your direction instead of the random pattern it normally has. I noticed this bear would move in a zone that completely surrounded my Dominium. For example, I found him by some trees I planted about 5 squares from my front door. The next time I saw him was while working my forge and he was on the north side. Another time he was on the lower side of the screen. Now, when I would go outside and find him, keeping my distance of course, he would "follow" me, albeit in a round about way, but I was effectively able to lead him to where I had built the pen. Hence, predators basically stalk you if they are on the screen with you.

    NOW, here is where the trick kicks in....Sure this trick takes time and resources, and isn't worth doing to every predator you come across, but if you ever need it, its nice to know!

    I finally had the bear caged inside my Wattle Fence. I stayed and admired my handy work for several minutes, and wanted to make sure that he would stay there and not just break the fence down and continue to make my life hell. It worked perfect...he would just walk around inside the fence. Granted I knew if I got too close he would break it down, but as long as I was careful, he would stay in there forever.

    So I went back to my Dominium and continued to do my daily activities. When it was time to go do a resource run, I decided to head back up to my new pet to check on him. HE WAS GONE!!!!! The fence was intact, the gate was closed, and there was no sign of my ferocious captive. Man I was nervous!!! I started to slowly inch my way around to see if I could find him. To make this already too long story a bit shorter, after about 30 minutes of searching he was NOWHERE to be found. He had vanished and I was no longer a prisoner in my Dominium!!!!!

    To verify that something magical had happened, I set out to find another predator. I came upon a wolf and caged him inside a Wattle fence just as I had done with the bear. I walked back to my Dominium, checked on my ore smelting and went back to the wolf. When I got to the pen, the Wolf was gone!!!! As with the Bear, the fence was still in tact and the gate was closed. The wolf was nowhere to be found!

    The last thing I did to verify that something was indeed happening and not just a session glitch or something, was I logged out and logged back in thinking this would reset things. Things were and still are the way I left them. the fences are still intact, gates closed, and predators in the are are nowhere to be found.

    One last thing I have noticed through my time with the game, is that predators are always in the same areas when I am out gathering resources, however, in the areas that I have built fence and caged them, they no longer spawn until the fence is destroyed.

    So with all that said, can anyone shed some light on this as to why it happens and exactly what is happening? Is it possible that this is a bug/glitch?

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    You were 100% correct Angrrry! I changed the fence to Stone fence and so far, I have not lost any items out of the suspect containers. I assumed as expensive as the Paling fence was to construct it would not allow anyone to get to my containers....guess I better start reading the wiki! haha

    Thank you for all the help! Keep up the good work!

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    I thought that may be the issue with my Paling fence, and now that I am looking, I see that the stone fence I am using is the shorter of the two available, so that may be the issue considering the suspect structures are up against the fence. However, many of my other structures are up against the fence and do not have the issue. I have tried with all of my fencing setups (Paling, low stone, House walls) and I can not access any of my containers from the outside.

    That said, I noticed that many players are using house walls for Dominium walls. I have tried this as well because they are taller, and still have the issue with things disappearing. Are players able to reach containers from outside using these taller house walls?

    In all fairness, I am going to construct taller stone fencing and see if the issue goes away. If it persists, I will send a screen shot of my setup and we can proceed from there.

    Thank you for the fast response! Keep up the good work! Love the game!

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    Ok, so lately I have been having issues with items disappearing from certain structures. This happens on both of my characters. My PvP character has stone walls and Palisade gates (always closed). My Other PvE character has Paling gates (always closed) and Paling fence. All of my chests are non lockable and I have only a few Cabinets on each character. Like many of you probably do, I use many of my structures for temporary storage so that I do not have a Dominium full of crates, cabinets, etc. Nothing is taken or disappears from any container,structure, or building, other than the following:

    Ceramic Tanning Vat
    Drying Rack/small Drying Rack

    I do not have any of the other "Like" structures built so I can not say if the issue is with others as well. The issue is not with any other structures I have built, and if it were someone stealing from me, they would be taking far more than a jug of grape juice or apple cider and a few hides, etc., as I have far more valuable items in other containers.

    This is what I have done to determine that it is a bug or maybe its meant to be that if we leave items in certain structures they get "ruined" after time.

    I put all my wine and juice in the barrel to be organized so I know where to find it. All is well until I log out and log back in (doesnt matter if I log out over night, or if it is just a few minutes to eat or whatever) and when I re-check the barrel, it is empty. If I put my jugs of wine and juice in a crate, building, or any other structure, they are fine forever. This being said, I tried putting other items in the barrel such as copper ore, herbs, food, etc., and it all disappears after I log out and back in.

    The drying racks and tanning vats have the same issue. My items are fine while the structures are processing my items (ie: drying hides on the rack, softening hides in the vat), but once the process is complete, if I do not get them out of there, they all disappear just like with the barrel once I log out and back in. Also, as with the barrel, it does not matter what I put in these structures, it will disappear after time.

    So my questions are as follows:

    1-Is this a bug, or do certain structures "ruin" items after time? (For example: hides get too dry if left on the rack too long and are no longer usable, so the game makes them disappear. Still wouldn't explain why other items like ore would get ruined though.)

    2- Has anyone else experienced these issues with these same structures or any other structures?

    Keep up the good work! Great game!

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  • dolomiteX

    Will the option to move structures like fences, etc., ever be implemented? Possibly at the cost of additional resources and skill check? For example, in real life if I were to move my shed to a different location, I might ruin a wall, part of the roof, or maybe the entire structure, based on my skill level. so I would need an extra piece of lumber or whatever material the shed was made out of, possibly more based on how bad I messed it up. Even if I didnt ruin anything in the move, I would still need new fasteners (nails, screws, etc.). So it makes sense that there should be an option to move structures in game with a "cost" related to skill level. Is this possible or is there a system already being worked on so that we can relocate in game structures?

    Also, I noticed with certain crafted items that there is a disassemble option which gives some resources back when it is destroyed,( ie: Fur cap). It would be nice if we could get the option for structures as well, or maybe an option to store what we have built like sections of wood fence, shelter walls, etc.

    Keep up the good work! Great game so far!

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  • dolomiteX

    Hey Dandrik.....I didnt start seeing it until level 20 gathering and 8 I have a stash of it! The quickest way I found to raise the skill was to pick all the "Flowers" I could...hope this helps!

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  • dolomiteX


    I can confirm that the Roost is now working. With (2) hens grouped and either Barley or Rye, I am producing approximately 30 eggs and 5 bird droppings per cycle.

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  • dolomiteX

    Thank you for answering this so quickly! Here is my update:

    My Roost animation was showing empty even though I had it loaded with Rye and Barley. I also did not have my partridges grouped like in the above screenshot you provided, and they were taking up 2 slots in the roost. I removed everything and then I put everything back in the Roost in this order:

    (2) Partridges
    (100) Rye (Not sure how much is required. Once added, Roost animation indicated there was feed. So now I wait for the 6h Roost Cycle to complete.)

    I also did the same with the partridges and Barley, in the same order and I am awaiting results.

    I am guessing that like the Windmill, there is a glitch at times where the structure does not recognize that the requirements are met, so it does not work. With the windmill, removing the components and then putting them back in will start the animation/process just as it does with the Roost.

    I will update in 6 hours when the Roost Cycle has completed. Thank you again for all of the help! Keep up the good work!

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