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    Domênico Gay

    I just have a couple of things that bother me a little and wish to adress to the developers.

    First, the graphic of the deer, when you are riding it, is a little bit odd. You get too much to the front of the animal, almost over his head. Yes, yes, who cares about a slow mount, right? Well, I like to ride the deer, even being slow and not as easy to get as a horse, but still... Just move the position of the rider a bit more to the back of the deer - in the middle of his back - so when we run it will not be so odd.

    The other thing is, as the deer thing, a small thing without impact in the game mechanic, but not as easy to implement. It concerns the iron armours. You see, there is no such thing as "iron plate armor" in the west cultures. The only armour made of iron in europe was ringmail. Not big deal, but the lack of ringamil and the fact that the iron armor is just a plate thing, like the steel one bother me a little. So, my suggestion is to make the visual of the iron armours in ringmails, wich would be a nice addition to the game in visual terms and more historically acurate. I know this is a hard thing, moreover at this point, but one can be hopefull , right? ;)

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