• Fringe

    There I sat, waiting for the cycle to finish on the Bloomery (4 minutes). I had started it earlier to complete several cycles so I walked away and accomplished some other works. I returned to the Bloomery to see that there was one cycle left to do but had no idea how much of the 4 minutes remained so silly me, I fell asleep and in doing so I leaned against the Bloomery and burned myself. I woke up, screamed some profanity then checked the Bloomery again only to find out that the cycle still had not finished. So here I sit again with a huge burn blister and still no idea how long I have to wait. If i only knew, I could walk away and do other things.

    It would be great to see a countdown timer "remaining" for each cycle on anything that has a cycle time.

    Thank you. (Thanks also Pinochle for the sarcastic method of writing.. enjoyed it in your suggestion so had to give it a try myself).

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