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    Dear players,
    we read your emails and reviews, but we must admit that we have problems with our Asian community.

    Thanks to "Reed Team" and some other volunteers we were able to translate game into Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages but for now we have no opportunity to maintain support stuff for these languages. Being Russian developers group we use Russian and English as languages to communicate. We see a lot of feedbacks from Asian players but automatic translation services are impossible to use – they give no chance to understand the reviews you send. All your support emails are always answered in the way to ask you to translate your question in English but we understand that it’s impossible in most situations. We would love to hear you and speak with you but we need help. Also, in the near future we will reduce the price of gold for Asian countries.

    If there is someone ready to cooperate with our team who could at least translate reviews and share ideas we would be glad to answer all players’ questions and help them. We will be glad to create separate thread on our game forum and assign someone who will be able to help with translation and communication between our stuff and Asian players. Any help will be appreciated. Any one ready to help at community management please contact us:

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    The last day of special offers!

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    Kits for easy start can be purchased in the in-game store with a 20% discount! Offer is limited

    Baron Starter Pack. Price: 3990 gold

    • Bay horse
    • 3 premium days
    • 3 gold Building Plans
    • 3 gold Crafting Schemes
    • Title "Baron"

    Earl Starter Pack. Price: 5590 gold

    • White horse
    • 7 premium days
    • 5 gold Building Plans
    • 5 gold Crafting Schemes
    • Title "Earl"

    Duke Starter Pack. Price 7990 gold

    • Black horse
    • 30 premium days
    • 10 gold Building Plans
    • 10 gold Crafting Schemes
    • Title "Duke"

    We remind you that for the first purchase in the store you will receive a guaranteed gift!

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    Save 50% on the purchase Wild Terra until August 21st!

    Wild Terra website:
    Steam page:

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    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

    Purchase Wild Terra Online with a discount

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.34

    The auction was completely made from scratch, so that the problems with its slow work were eliminated, which in turn worsened the client's work as a whole.
    Implemented filters for goods when using the auction.

    Was made the typology of all the items in the game.

    All guild’s castles on all servers received unique names. For simplified identification, the names were associated with colors.
    The coordinates of the castles in the castle auction window have been replaced with new names of castles.
    All technical reports on the state of the castles (capture, change ownership, retention of ownership) are now displayed in the color that corresponds to this particular castle.

    In the "social" window has been added a new tab dedicated to castles.
    The tab allows you to get a pointer to any of the castles on the server, and also displays the name of the guild owning any castle at the moment.

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    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

    Purchase Wild Terra Online with a discount

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.33

    The capture of castles is only possible by winning the auction.
    Every Sunday within 3 hours there will be open bidding for castles.
    At this time, construction is not available, as well as repair castles and collecting tribute.
    During the bidding you can put any number of spices for any castle.
    The betting on castles is summed up from all players of one guild.
    After 3 hours, the castle will pass to the guild, whose total bid was the highest.
    Losers in the auction can return the bid as a random spice minus a 10% commission, or leave the bet until the next auction (then there will be no commission).
    Collection of tribute is possible after bidding within 5 hours.

    The capture of the castle, in which the walls were not yet built, occurs at any time.
    The castle, in which the walls have already been built, can be captured only at the hour of siege.
    Collection of tribute is possible after bidding within 5 hours.

    General changes
    On the castle territory will no longer spawn resources or animals (this requires a rebuild castle).
    All who do not have access to the castle territory will be thrown out of the bounds with logout.
    The size of the Castles tribute depends on the type of castle, if there are no walls, the tribute can only be collected, without the possibility of appropriating.
    Brick castle added to the game.

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    We have collected the main changes and innovations in the game over the past 2 months. It's hard to imagine, but 2 months ago, Wild Terra did not have, for example, Trade, Guilds and Character's Stats.

    • Guilds. Implemented the creation and management of guilds, as well as a dedicated channel in the chat.
    • Trade and auction. In Wild Terra you can now sell and buy goods, as well as expose, search and buy things at auction.
    • Stats of the character. Was added 5 characteristics that affect the attributes of the character.
    • Castles. Battles and trades for castles, exaction of tribute.
    • Redesigned premium bonus. Scrolls of the premium can now be obtained in a game way, and bonuses received from the premium have become even better: +30% to the experience gained and +30% to the size of the tanks and replenishment of the Craftsman's Insight and Battle Focus, and your dominium is immune from dilapidation in your absence.
    • Rare equipment. In Wild Terra added rare unique equipment.
    • Disassemble items. Now you can disassemble the equipment into its component parts.
    • Bonus for the first purchase. Now, having made your first purchase in Wild Terra, you will also receive a Merchant Chest and the title "Merchant".

    A lot of changes have affected gameplay improvements, as well as a few dozen bugs was fixed.

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    alt text
    Castles added to the game.

    The castle is a place for obtaining spices, which can be captured and fenced. You can assault the Castles once a week during the siege. The capture is the punching of walls and the holding of the Guild's stone throughout the siege.
    The castle collects tribute from every extracted iron deposit in this "disputed territory" in its storage. Any player in the guild can:

    • Capture the Stone at any time;
    • Build a castle around the guildstone if there are enough spices or gold (in bars) in inventory;
    • Withdraw the tribute from the storage within 5 hours after the siege ends (or the auction for the PvE servers);
    • Restore the damaged castle (if there are enough spices in the inventory).

    In the near future, we plan to add the ability to differentiate access for different ranks of the guild. On the PvE servers, at the end of this week there will be the first bidding for the castles. Bidding will be a "blind" auction.

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    This Sunday, July 30, will be launched Siege on PvP servers. By the time of the siege, Castles will be added to the game. Sieges will be held once a week, as before. During the siege, certain restrictions will apply:

    • At this stage, it is possible to destroy only the Castles. The players' houses will be unassailable.
    • You can use siege weapons only in Clan Lands.
    • You will be able to capture the guild stones at any time, but you can only destroy the walls during the siege.

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