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    Darkness descended on the land. Predators were cursed and turned into zombie animals. The world of Wild Terra needs your help!

    Steam-client will update automatically
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    Improvements and fixes 0.8.39

    Added the Unholy monsters - fox, boar, wolf, bear, carnivorous pumpkin.
    After killing the Unholy monsters, the player gets a chance to collect the green brains of zombies from them with a knife. The skill of freshness and the quality of the knife do not affect the chance, it depends on the type of animal.
    The received brains can be exchanged for valuable prizes at an auction in the tab "Events"
    The witch's hat is added. Has light armor parameters, it gives movement speed bonus to the owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
    The Pumpkin helmet is added to the game. Has the parameters of heavy armor, gives a bonus to the blocking the shield to its owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
    Added various Unholy pets. Available for exchange for brains at auction. Pets can defend themselves if someone attacks them.
    Added Jack o'lanterns. Available for exchange for brains at auction. They will be needed to complete the mini event quest for the sprouting of a Unholy tree.

    Added Halloween Unholy trees. It’s grow in random places, a player with the Jack o'lantern can decorate this tree 3 times. Each time, a guards will be called up, which must be killed in order to be able to continue the quest. After full decoration and victory on all waves of guards, the player has the opportunity to get a sprout of a Home Halloween Tree, which is necessary for the construction of decorative tree, or gets the brains of zombies in case of failure.

    Added a new effect - poisoning. All dUnholy monsters are able to use this effect on the enemy. The victim of poisoning begins to quickly lose his stamina.
    Added a new template of the wooden fort. All built forts were rebuilt automatically.
    Implemented display of the guild name on the stone of the guild castle.
    Changed the size and colors of the interface fonts and slowed the display of messages. All fonts have become larger and brighter, and messages remain longer.
    The craft menu has been redesigned, layout logic has been changed, number of items has decreased, and navigation has become more intuitive.

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    Friends! Throughout the development of Wild Terra, many people help us in every possible way: translating the game and other materials, filling the wiki, searching for errors and its detailed reports, detecting vulnerabilities, and other similar help.

    We want to thank you for your contribution to the development of the game! Everyone who helped the project develop - will receive the unique Foundet's kit , and their names will be recorded in the credits.

    If you think that you also contributed to the game - be sure to email us
    Please include the following information in the email:

    1. Name "nickname" Surname (for the credits);
    2. SteamID (enter the game via Steam and you'll see the numeric id under Help button);
    3. How did you help Wild Terra (remember, we have your messages in tech support (specify your email if bugs are reported in this way), as well as topics and messages on the forums (specify your nickname if you reported errors there) if there was other help - tell us about it).

    After we make sure that you have really contributed, we will add you to a special list of those who will receive rewards. Emails are accepted until November 12, 2017. If you have not helped before, but want to start - you have a chance to get a reward! Start helping Wild Terra in the ways described above. Thanks to everyone who has ever helped Wild Terra develop!

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    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

    Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now!

    Updated the shell of the game client.

    Added scrolls to increase the +1 performance. Using the scroll, you can also overcome the limit to the maximum level of the characteristic, having received the effect of the 13th level. At the same time, only one characteristic can be increased, the duration of the scroll effect is 1 hour. Reusing a same scroll increases the effect time by 1 hour. At death the bonus is saved, time in an offline is not considered. The cancellation of the scroll effect before the expiration of time is impossible.
    New scrolls are available in treasures, lottery chests, as a reward for killing monsters in the Corrupted Lands, and can be purchased in the in-game shop. Scrolls transmitted, can be sold through an auction.

    Fixed scales of bonuses from the characteristics, taking into account the addition of the possibility of obtaining the 13th level characteristics.
    Fixed the error of the incorrect principle of saturation with an increased Strength.
    Fixed skill "Pounce", requires a light armor for its use.
    Fixed a critical error with the addition of grouse to the pet house.
    Fixed the error of interrupting the counting of feedings by throwing the pet on the ground.
    Added automatic disappearance of unique, gift and premium mounts.
    Unique, gift and premium mounts no longer interfere with summoning a new one.
    Added management of following mounts - the corresponding switch is added to the Actions window
    According to the results of tests and reviews, the attack mode for mounts is disabled - this mechanic will be reworked.
    Fixed the distance on which pets follow the owner, now they do not interfere with him.

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    Friends! For a long time we are working on such an important thing as a User Interface. Today we would like to slightly open the veil of mystery and tell about what we are doing.

    It's no secret that the current UI is not a good example of convenience and clarity. During the early access, we received thousands of feedback from players with complaints about the current interface. Font size, windows, menus, absolutely all elements received their dose of criticism. We nodded our heads for a long time and agreed, but did not do anything.

    Now, we are proud to say that the new interface is almost done. We have taken into account all the wishes, opinions and suggestions, and we hope that you will enjoy it. What will it be?

    Firstly, the new interface creates a basis for further functionality and development of the game. For example, thanks to the renewal of the UI, the game will finally have a System of Raids that will allow groups to be formed into larger formations for siege and hunt, with the ability to see the state of health, stamina, etc. for all members of the group. The old interface did not provide an opportunity to work in this direction.

    Secondly, the new interface allowed us to expand the information base, adding THOUSANDS of descriptions in the game to all items, recipes, equipments, etc. This will make it much easier to understand what is happening, especially for new players, without the need to use third-party resources.

    Thirdly, he just looks cool, will be much more modern and understandable, completely changing the face of the game.

    We plan to release a new interface during this fall, and we hope that it will allow us to reveal all the game's possibilities in full.

    Have Early Access? Just log in to the game to get unique rewards:

    • Fierce Boar Mount;
    • Scale Cloak.

    Don't have access? Buy Wild Terra at a 15% discount with the all rewards right now*
    *The offer is limited. Valid only until the release of the game. Hurry up!

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    alt text

    Friends! Since the last update we've received a lot of complaints about how new mounts started to work how they changed the picture of PvP how bad and inconvenient it was to play. We collected and analyzed a large amount of data and decided to take the following steps.

    • Divide the concept of mounts and pets into two completely different things.
    • Mounts will not attack even for self-defense purposes.
    • We will add saddle or other animations on mounts to easily identify them from pets and wild animals.
    • We will add the "FOLLOW" button in the action menu, which will allow you to switch the follow mode for mounts.
    • Make auto recall of all premium gifted and lottery mounts when the player logs off.
    • Add in the game the ability to tame bears wolves wild boars both for riding and in the role of a pet.
    • Pets of aggressive animals will NOT be sold in game shop will NOT be available as rewards and in lotteries. After death there would be no ways to revive it. These pets will be available only through animal taming. Current following and aggression system for pets - will remain.

    We hope that this series of measures will be able to solve current problems and the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your understanding. We wish everyone a pleasant game.

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    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

    Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now!

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.37

    Added a new "Guild List" window in the "Community" menu

    • Here you can see the list of guilds on the server
    • and the number of castles the guild owns.

    In the "Castles” window in the "Community" menu, added the status of the castles.
    Ranks in the guild altered in medieval style.
    Added rank Esquire (recruit).
    In the guild tab in the "Community" menu, you can now get a pointer to the dominium of a guild member.
    In the guild tab in the "Community" menu, you can now leave a guild message for the guild members in the rank of Duke (Leader).
    The rest of the guild members do not have rights to edit the message.
    Added confirmation when you leaving from the guild.
    Added a 200-cell guild warehouse:

    • Access to the guild's warehouse can be obtained only through the menu of the stone of the controlled castle of the guild.
    • The loss of control over the castle does not affect the contents of the guild warehouse (access to the warehouse can be received from any controlled castle at any time (including during a siege), If you do not have a castle, you also do not lose the contents of the warehouse).
    • Players with the rank of Esquire does not have access to the Guild warehouse.
    • Storage capacity can be expanded via the context menu of the guild castle stone.

    Fixed a bug where at the time of the transfer the player remained in the guild list and could not be removed from there.
    Added restriction on the number of guild members - 15 members.

    Added new graphics of guild stone.
    Added display of the name of the castle on the guildstone.
    Updated brick and stone castles

    • On all servers, castles were rebuilt automatically
    • Removed all containers
    • Added buffs for castle’s gouses, surpassing buffs for common houses.
    • Removed the inner walls defending the guildstone.

    Fixed a bug with the repair of the castle.

    Added 6 new scrolls affecting the characteristics.
    At the auction, the scrolls can be found in the section "Jewels"
    Scroll of Characteristics reset.

    • allows you to reset all characteristics to 5
    • The scroll is available as a reward for killing the strongest monsters (Alphar, Drameter), and will also be available in the game store.

    Scroll to reduce the strength, dexterity, constitution, perception, intelligence.

    • allows to reset the corresponding characteristic by 1, while the current progress of the growth of the characteristic is zeroed.
    • Scrolls are available as a reward for killing all kinds of monsters, except damned rats, in all lottery chests, in treasures, and will also be available in the store.

    Reduced the impact of perception on the chances of critical hits and the critical damage.

    The second stage of the Taming skill was implemented.
    Now you can feed the trapped pets to tame them.

    • Each pet requires a separate type of food.
    • The number of necessary feedings and the intervals between them vary depending on the type of pet.
    • The chance of taming depends on the level of the animal.

    Tamed pets can be released, they will follow their owner.
    Added a limit on the number of simultaneously summoned pets and mounts (no more than one)
    The level and the visual size caught pet stored after capture and taming.
    Now the mounts as well as the pets follow their owner.
    Added House for pets, where you can keep them. Works similarly to a stable.
    Now any ravenous pet in response to any damage will attack in response.
    The opportunity to sell tamed animals at an auction is added.
    Added a mechanism that allows to re-summon the animal (the mechanism will be further developed).

    Main changes
    The error of incorrect counting of incoming damage is fixed.
    Reduced the base damage of all melee weapons.
    Fixed a bug when the player using the Charge could not get damage.
    Fixed bug of incorrect display rarity of the Bear hat.
    Changed chances of improving items when using Scroll of Warp (chances are increased, the chance to destroy the “rare” item is removed)
    At the auction "Trap for small game" is available in the "Tools" and "Mounts".

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    We are very grateful to everyone who supports the game before its release. Thanks to you, Wild Terra developed and is rapidly moving to the release!

    All players who have already bought, or will purchase the game in Early Access - will receive unique rewards!
    These rewards can not be obtained in any way after the release of the game. To receive rewards, you need login to the game.

    Wild Terra release is scheduled for Q4 2017. Also we remind you that it is planned to increase the price of the game after its release.

    Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and all rewards right now!

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    Changed rewards in Bronze, Iron and Steel chests.

    Bronze chest:

    • Fierce boar in red armor (speed 100)
    • Scale red cloak

    Iron chest:

    • Fierce boar in green armor (speed 100)
    • Scale green cloak

    Steel chest:

    • Fierce boar in black armor (speed 100)
    • Scale black cloak

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