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    Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

    Over the coming months we plan to implement a lot of new features and rework some of the existing ones. This is only part of our plans:

    • Daily quests. Find the treasure.
      Every day, all players will be able to complete the quest Find the treasure. For each player it will be buried individual chest. You will see the arrow pointing in the direction to the treasure. Once the chest will be excavated with a shovel, the player will fight for the reward.

    • New monsters. Folkloric creatures and special locations.
      In the world of Wild Terra will settle folklore monsters (the Grim, huge rats and others.), which will appear in special places. Defeating the new inhabitants will not be easy.

    • New server. Battle arena.
      The new format of the game for PvP fans. Quick battles and nothing more. Participants of the arena immediately receive equipment and go into battle!

    • Changing the mechanics of sieges.
      On each server will be the Siege time - in advance a definite time when will be held the siege. The mechanics of sieges and using of siege weapons will also be changed.

    Stay tuned for news and updates!

    Purchase access to the game on our website or Steam

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    In Wild Terra there are a lot of rare equipment, mounts, items of the highest quality and other unique things, some of which at the moment exist only in 1 copy!

    What a pleasure to keep all this in the bins and not show it to anyone? We decided to make a screenshot contest with rare things! Take all the rarest that you have (whether it's a crafted item of excellent quality, unique cap, rare armor or cloak, your special mount or something else) put it on your character and make a screenshot, publish it in this thread (other messages will be deleted).

    A week later, April 11th, we will choose the most distinguished collector who will receive a Unique Title and 10,000 gold, and also several collectors, which we will choose, will receive 5000 gold each!

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    We have completed redrawing all the current icons and their almost 200(!) pieces.
    Our artist took more than 2 months to the detailed draw each of them, but now they look great and delight the eye! Some of these icons have been added to the game, but a complete set will be introduced only in the next update.

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    Steam-client will update automatically
    Download the new client version...
    Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

    Purchase Wild Terra with 15% discount and Early Access rewards right now!

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.42

    Added quests for newly created characters to help beginners understand the game.
    Added daily quests for all players. Every day you can undertake the quest, at the end of which a reward is provided.
    Entering the game every day, you can accumulate up to 3 quests at a time.
    Once a day, canceling the quest, you can get a new one
    Currently only simple quests are available. In the near future will be added difficult quests, with more valuable rewards.
    You can open the quest log from the corresponding menu by clicking on the quest's name, or using the hotkey B.
    The work with the user interface was carried out, a number of windows received a new design.
    Reduced the amount of seeds obtained when consuming pumpkin.
    Reduced stamina cost for Throwing weapon skills.
    Increased stamina cost for attacks by axes.
    Increased stamina cost for attacks by blunts.
    The attack radius of throwing spears is increased.
    Dodge now expends stamina.
    Changed the requirements for the construction Warm sleeping place.

    The system of updating models of characters, animals and monsters on the screen has been revised.
    Work on server stabilization has been done.
    Fixed a bug due to which after pressing the Ctrl + LMB key, the character began to attack without stopping until the RMB was pressed.
    Fixed a bug due to which sometimes during the shooting did not update the indicator durability of weapons and the number of shells to it.
    The error of creation, expansion and transfer of dominium at the edge of the map on PvP-servers has been fixed.
    Fixed a bug where the action occurs on the move and is canceled by stopping, but the bar above the character's head and its animation is still ongoing.
    Fixed a bug due to which there was no sound of death, if the character's model has not yet been loaded or replaced with an icon.
    Fixed a bug due to which in some cases after the creation of the character the game did not start and it was necessary to restart.

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    67% OFF when purchasing the Steam key of Wild Terra on the game site or on Steam

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    Game client and server has been updated to version 0.7.21. To continue playing you need to download an updated version.
    If you do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website.

    Download the client update

    New in 0.7.21

    Added animation for spear, sling, hammers, sickles, saws, shovels and buckets.
    Updated animation for wooden and iron axes, added animation for steel.
    For all types of bows were made the individual animation.
    Now you can make a straw hat and a flaxen cloak.
    Fully completed redrawing all icons for the items in the inventory.
    Each type of tree seedlings now has its own icon.
    Added sound when throwing spears and stones shot from a sling for melee attacks.


    Fixed long timers at the ballista, battering rams and resources, which resets the timer at the server restarts.
    Fixed a bug due to which could cause damage to the player whose double remained on the map.
    Noble dominiums can now connect to each other.
    On the server Hortum, extension dominions to each other disabled.
    Buckets are now taken in the left arm as a shield.
    Now for irrigation planting, water is not necessary to take in hand.
    When charging the ballista, a shell is no longer necessary to take in hand.
    Fixed font sizes in the interface, to provide more space for translations of phrases.

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    A year has passed since the alpha-test of Wild Terra started.
    During this year, the game evolved and changed rapidly. It's difficult to imagine, but one year ago there was even no chatting and running features in Wild Terra. For newcomers it was especially difficult, because at that time the game did not even have a beginner’s guide. Hundreds of bugs were found and fixed, thanks to you! The most helpful testers were granted with the Duke keys.

    During this year we added a huge amount of content to the game, a lot of new recipes, building schemes, craft chains, and much more. Along with the addition of new content, we constantly updated the graphics of the game.

    This is how Wild Terra looked before:

    Now everything looks way better, right?

    We also updated the audio of the game: we’ve added background music and sounds to most actions in the game. 8 months ago, when we didn't have a test server, we had to perform two wipes. We again apologize for the inconvenience.

    The current number of Wild Terra servers exceeds one dozen. People from all over the world play the game — we even have players from Reunion. :)
    With such a wide geography, the game has been translated into 10 (!) languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian.

    During 2015, we held a few contests and free key distributions.
    Wild Terra made it into the Top 100 Indie Games list of the year, according to IndieDB. The 10 best games are being chosen by gamers right now. Vote for Wild Terra to help us achieve a place in the list!

    We have become partners with Gamepedia and opened an official wiki page which is edited and updated by our active players.

    An interview was given to the world's largest portal about MMO games -
    Here you can find a summary of what the press thinks of our project.

    We were together to celebrate Halloween, and we hope you are going to join us on Christmas.
    Click here to read about what the Wild Terra developers have planned for next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In 2016, we will give our best effort to provide you with the best gaming experience!

    Keep up the news, folks! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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    It’s not a secret that currently we’re focusing on the server development for Wild Terra, which will add new interesting features to the gameplay for players and new opportunities for us as developers. So, what’s coming up?

    Unique world
    First, the biggest change is a breakaway from our standard map. Each server will have it’s unique landscapes and points of interest generated randomly. It will allow everyone to find a corner for oneself and arrange it as he/she wants. Rivers, roads, and mines will appear in the game. Mines will be rich with rare resources, and their addition will lead to fights for control over them.

    Thereby the world will cease to be static — resource generation rate and size of the map will depend on a number of players on the server. It will allow to solve problems connected with the resource lack after big advertising campaigns. Eventually Wild Terra will be able to enter Steam and increase it’s player base. After all, we’re making an MMO!

    Map size increase and lag problem solution
    Optimization defects were caused by the wrong architecture of the actual servers, inability to scale the size of the playable world and increase the servers’ capacity. Using the new approach, we’ll manage to improve optimization. In addition, event calculation algorithm has been changed — only active regions, where something happens at the present time, are processed.

    Compare the maximum size of the actual game world and the future one with 1000 players on it. This number of players has been taken just as an example and it’s not the limit.
    0_1452863673621_wt_map - копия.png

    Safe zones and constant war regions
    Special type of territories will appear in the game, where no one can attack others and destroy buildings. It’ll be helpful to players who has no time to “live” in the game 24/7 defending their property.

    In contrast to the peaceful territories, there will be regions for PvP-oriented players with a constant war going for valuable resources and control over the habitats of rare animals.

    Project development with the new server
    From the perspective of the developer, the server change solves several issues connected with:

    • player quantity increase within one server;
    • as a result, reduction of the number of servers and our expenses on the hardware;
    • attraction of players of similar types to same places in the game world: safe zones for casual players and constant war regions for hardcore and PvP-oriented ones.

    At last, the new server will bring us closer to adding long-promised new features:

    • personal and public caves — dungeons;
    • mines and fights for resources;
    • clans, clans’ castles, and clan territories;
    • mounts and much more features, which are still too early to announce...

    Tests of the new server will begin in January-February 2016.


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    Why initially we chose sprites
    In our previous project we used similar technologies of character animation. Considering that we had experience in it and ready for use sprite examples, provided by the cross-platform engine, we decided to use the same method of animation, because it is more convenient and comprehensible approach.

    Project development and encountered difficulties
    The development kept going: new animals and character actions were being added to the game. At that point we started to realise that difficulties increase exponentially because of the sprite animation.

    At the present time, all animations of the player’s character (of a mediocre quality and without full equipment), even being compressed, weighs about 30Mb. And this number is even more when you actually play the game. This led to problems with the game’s optimization and called into question our decision about sprites as the most suitable method.

    3D instead of sprites
    Currently a 3D-model of a character with smooth animations and all textures weighs only 800kb. In comparison with sprites, models use a lot less memory for animations ( just numerical information about characters’ bones movement is needed). Such approach allows to make smooth character’s movements and create diverse animations without extra resource expenses.


    However, here we have faced some problems too. For instance, to create shadows using our engine wasn’t so easy, but after some time working on shaders we have solved the problem. Also, we puzzled our brains over export of models and animations to our engine. Overcoming the difficulties fully met the expectations — stable FPS and smooth animations became our reward for the work.

    Perspectives for Wild Terra and players
    After the end of the transition to 3D, that, by the way, will require some time and will be done step-by-step, new possibilities will appear:

    • Gender selection;
      The screenshot is a draft of what you’ll see in the game, it was made especially for the dev. blog. The final version of the gender selection window will be different.

    • Character customisation: hair and skin color, haircuts and so on;

    • Size of animals, animal maturation (wolf pups and adult wolves, for instance);

    • Possibility to mount any large animal;

    • Additional number of animations and their smoothness;

    • New equipment will be implemented much faster;
      Armor equipment was made through placing an armor layer over the body part layer (there are 10 of them right now!), but now we’ll just change the body part on the same one with the needed armor equipped or add armor’s/objects’ model additionally.

    First step to the 3D transition is done. When we start our tests of the new server (inner testing has already begun, the public one will be opened in February) you’ll be able to see all new models in action and a character selection too!

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    @Burnz Why did you decide that the game is dying? The project is now in the top 15 Greenlight, we actively develop it, release regular updates and listen to the players

    Premium is really not so important in our game, it does not make you far ahead of the others. Most often it is being bought at a time when plans to build a lot of buildings (with a premium buildings put in half the time, but it can not affect the balance)

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    We have reviewed your opinion about the new skill system, and we have made a number of significant changes.
    Also, in the update 8.9 we returned to the destruction of dominiums in order to clear a bit peaceful area. See below for details.

    Purchase access to the game on our website

    Download the new version...

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.9
    Completely reworked growth and success rate skills. Check and tell us your opinion.
    Now, if the skill level is not enough, there is still a chance of success of its application, which is further enhanced due to the instrument.
    Now, even when failed attempts, you will still get a skill increase, and the more difficult was the attempt, the more experience get.
    At a large difference in the levels and the successful application of skill, you get a significant boost to growth skill.
    Added the display of the successful mining chance, create objects and buildings.
    Added wooden mill. It is less effective than a Frame, but requires less material and skill to build.
    Added concave angle to frame roofs.
    Fixed border of containers and machines in order to name it correctly placed.
    Returned the old system of dilapidation dominiums. If you do not entering the game for more than 7 days, your dominium start receiving minor damage every hour. Read more about this system.
    Bonfires and bunches outside dominium's zone is now being destroyed in 4 hours.
    Accelerated destruction of abandoned buildings.
    We have been working on integration with Steam, created a test version of Steam-client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
    Realized authorization and checked automatic client update via Steam.

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    Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

    Recently in the Wild Terra was implemented the first stage of the Taming skill and was added a trap for small game. Caught animal will get to you in inventory, however, at the moment you can not do anything with a pet except skinning, but we plan to develop this mechanics in the near future.

    You can catch small animals only with your hands, and after freshness you will get feathers, bones or meat (depending on the type of victim). After a successful attempt of taming, your skill will increase. In the case of the predator, the taming will be somewhat more difficult. After you throw the net on a predator, you need (in the allotted time) to injure the beast to the state of escape, then use a special lariat - for boar, wolf or bear. A large caught beast is used as a mount, but small game will be in the role of a personal pet, which will follow the owner and live in a special house.

    We plan to implement the changes described above in Wild Terra already in the next updates. Follow the news.

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    Friends! For a long time we are working on such an important thing as a User Interface. Today we would like to slightly open the veil of mystery and tell about what we are doing.

    It's no secret that the current UI is not a good example of convenience and clarity. During the early access, we received thousands of feedback from players with complaints about the current interface. Font size, windows, menus, absolutely all elements received their dose of criticism. We nodded our heads for a long time and agreed, but did not do anything.

    Now, we are proud to say that the new interface is almost done. We have taken into account all the wishes, opinions and suggestions, and we hope that you will enjoy it. What will it be?

    Firstly, the new interface creates a basis for further functionality and development of the game. For example, thanks to the renewal of the UI, the game will finally have a System of Raids that will allow groups to be formed into larger formations for siege and hunt, with the ability to see the state of health, stamina, etc. for all members of the group. The old interface did not provide an opportunity to work in this direction.

    Secondly, the new interface allowed us to expand the information base, adding THOUSANDS of descriptions in the game to all items, recipes, equipments, etc. This will make it much easier to understand what is happening, especially for new players, without the need to use third-party resources.

    Thirdly, he just looks cool, will be much more modern and understandable, completely changing the face of the game.

    We plan to release a new interface during this fall, and we hope that it will allow us to reveal all the game's possibilities in full.

    Have Early Access? Just log in to the game to get unique rewards:

    • Fierce Boar Mount;
    • Scale Cloak.

    Don't have access? Buy Wild Terra at a 15% discount with the all rewards right now*
    *The offer is limited. Valid only until the release of the game. Hurry up!

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    Friends! As a result of yesterday's battles on the Ignos server a number of problems were identified regarding the stability of servers with current configurations. The server's work did not proof our expectations and we have to admit that we can not ensure the stable operation of the application to all players from all over the globe within the same server. We apologize for our miscalculation. After studying all the causes of the problem as well as the wishes of the players and negative feedbacks from Steam - a number of important decisions were made which we want to introduce to everyone.

    Since hardcore PvP format turned out to be one of the most popular we decided to open additional server of this type which will be based in South America to provide the most stable work for all players in this region who are experiencing the greatest problems at the moment. All characters on the Ignos server will have a compensation - free move out scroll and transfer scroll. Any player will be able to transfer his character for new server immediately with current progress saved. Before transferring the character himself – check that you used your move out scroll by pressing move out button on your dominium stone to pack all your belongings with you. Otherwise you run the risk of moving away forgetting your property which will not be restored in case of this mistake. This kind of resettlement scheme can be expected for Ventar if similar problems arise.

    In connection with the newly discovered factors we are forced to delay the siege cycles timer on PvP servers for the next 2 weeks. Our team has received all the necessary data and is already working on solving three tasks at once which will increase game client speed removing the lags with active PvP and also reduce the load on the server increasing the stability of its operation. Part of these works will be added for tests already before the end of the week. We plan to finish the rest within the next week. Once the work is completed - we will activate the siege on all PvP servers. Bidding for guild castles on PvE servers will be launched this weekend.

    We hope for understanding. Cheers!

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    Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

    We listened to your numerous requests and decided to add a few innovations to Wild Terra.
    In the next update will be added iron and steel spears, as well as similar charges for the sling. And that the arrows and charges did not take up much space in the inventory, we decided to implement a special slot for this.
    In addition to changes in ranged weapons, Taming will also improve - completely changed the catching of all mounts.

    Follow the news

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    We think that everyone is interested in what we are currently working on and what will be included in the Summer Major Update.
    We begin a series of short news, which will unveil the veil of secrecy.
    One of the innovations will be the ability to quickly restore stamina and health by sitting on a chair or on the ground.
    After the update you can meet and tame a new mount - Bull.
    Next time we will tell you about new buildings, materials and equipment, which will also be added in the next update. Follow the news.

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    Now we have the official wiki page on Gamepedia.

    Please help us to fill and share it. Create the missing Categories, add any missing information, and of course, load the images of animals, objects, materials and everything else.

    And as always, those who will actively help us - will be awarded by early access and gold keys to Wild Terra.
    Thank you for your help in development of the project!

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    Free test server is open for testing the Vietnamese version.
    Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.

    Download test client

    New in 0.7.18

    Added client version in Vietnamese.

    Some client configuration rendered in config.js. The following describes this settings.
    Through FORCED_LOCALE you can set the language of the client, different from the one which is defined automatically.
    GRAPHICS_FULL_PRELOAD used to enable full load graphics in memory without additional upload during the game.
    In RENDER_MODE you can specify the "canvas" if your webGL working poor.
    With SHOW_PHASER_DEBUG you can turn off the bottom line of debugging information.
    Player names now displayed permanently.

    Test client work separately from the main and doesn't interfere with play.
    The main server is currently not Vietnamese language. It will be a little later!

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    Topic for discussion Halloween 0.7.19 update and publish screenshots. Best screenshots will get our news feed, and their authors will be rewarded by gold coins!

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