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    @Hris said in Iron Requirements or Drop Rates and Experience-Avanium:

    what's up with the extraction on the avanium server ??? I have 6 intelligences and 8 perceptions and throughout the day I have not found a single deposit of coal needed for the task !!!
    finding iron ore is probably quite impossible. I think the creators of the game want to discourage players to the game :(

    Hi @Hris
    You probably need Intelligence 7 to see any of the iron. Follow the link to the iron visibility calculator in one of the postings above. The rules changed on the move to Beta. Mining level is also involved.

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    @Nixnaq said in Iron:

    Iron, what lvl mining needed or how many intelligenceare to see iron on map? I would like if I can need a level of mining or intelligence to find iron? How can you because it was not at the tutorial, how are the iron and steel bars made? I have not played for a year.

    I believe that the issue of the Forum Seach not working is being looked into.

    The (lack of) iron visibility on the revised rules of Beta, has caught out several players, including myself. Here are useful links for levels needed for to see some or all Iron Ore.


    Iron visibility Calculator:

    Process iron ore in a Bloomery
    Then one needs hammer and anvil. Craft Menu: Craft Materials/Iron Materials/Iron Ingot (or use Craft Search "iron i" which is easier)

    To produce Steel:
    First from Craft Menu select Mining/"Iron with Charcoal"
    Process the results in a "Refining Forge" for best conversion rates.
    Steel rates are very poor with a lot of "Cast Iron" produced. There is limited use for this product, but it can be recycled, as for Iron Ore.

    I hope this helps.

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    @Angrrrry said in Dominium/Friends:

    @Baca 3 tiles for PvE server 10 for PvP.

    @Angrrrry I have a Dominium very close to my Dominium. What happens if I try to increase my size? Will more space be allocated in another direction, or do I lose it?

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    @ShadowBG All players on the map must be active players, which is more than I expected. Certainly seeing more players around.

    I see I've been downvoted above? I can only imagine they prefer no naming. I can't see you having the space anyway. Castle names would however be useful as I've been reminded that one can waymark one. which gives one a useful bearing.

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    It looks like a number of players can no longer see Iron Ore, now we are on Avanium, with the new rules (Intelligence level mixed with Mining level. See visibility calculator link in posting above).

    So I am now trying to push my Intelligence level up to seven to see 50%+ of iron ore (and then need level eight for 100% iron visibility, given my level 38 Mining) and I had thought in terms of a month to achieve a gain of one level!

    Here is a most useful tip posted on chat last night.....

    Make a load of wood shovels, then use
    Craft/Construction/Terraforming/Arable Soil

    That gives me 28.6 Intelligence points per "dig".

    Don't use "Field" as you only gain the same points. Slower and wears out the shovel faster.

    So last night I dug over my Dominium and a large area outside and I am now half way to the next level. So another evening of digging should have me seeing some iron ore again. It is not much fun, but should sort the problem...

    (Iron mine entrances are already visible, which are new to any PVE players and this is misleading, as they appear to not be in use at this time)

    UPDATE: Another hour of digging in a large uncluttered area and I've reached level 7.. So two evenings was really an overestimate. A quick run round the local Disputed zone turned up 121 of iron ore. It probably is a quiet time of day.... Horray back in the iron age...
    UPDATE 2: Sadly the "Dig for [insert country here]" only works up to level seven then disappears.. Maybe it is because I have reached maximum farming.

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    Thanks @ShadowBG. I had only found the left hand three areas of the six Disputable/Corrupt so far. There are certainly far more players around on this server. So keeping track of all the Dominiums is a major job.

    I am in favour of naming each Dominium as it adds so much to navigation. But I can see that it has both good and bad points.

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    @Jessy22 said in How can I lock the gate ?:

    No, I mean the sign in the corners. . Here can you see it in the middle of the picture in green and on the left side in red.

    The green corners are your Dominium. The red ones will be part of the Dominium of one of your neighbours.

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    @Angrrrry in Iron Requirements or Drop Rates and Experience-Avanium:

    @Hangfire These scrolls will not help you. It's 1h buff and they don't count on find chances. Int scrolls purpose are craft quality increase. Just lvl up your int with normal value.
    Thanks @Angrrrry that is most useful information.

    I remembered the "one hour" on stats increase Scrolls a bit too late. :-) I had read about this a while back, but did not need to use it at the time.

    I've now pushed my Intelligence back up to level six, with bulk cooking and bronze arrow making. I'll save my remaining scroll. My "plan B" was to have an hour of level seven to search for iron, but clearly that is a waste of time and the scroll.

    As I had lowered Intelligence, that also probably explains why I have been manufacturing surprisingly numbers of poor quality items recently.

    I have yet to develop Taming skills. So I will see how many Intelligence points I can obtain from that.. 25000 points will take a while:-)

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