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    @Angrrrry said in Hiw often does the Stats Screen update?:

    @Hangfire Downward scrolls will help you to free exp INSTANTLY + will make it exactly at 0/25 000 so you will be able to lock stat if you need it to leave at this level. Manual leveling down spend 50% exp for lower skill and 50 for raise. So lowering is twice harder than gain. That's why using down scroll is perfect to speed process of stats rebalance. Upward doesn’t work as you think. Its 1 hour BUFF. It doesn't matter if you have any free exp. You just get +1 stat for 1 hour. And that's the only way to hit lvl 13 stat bonus. Max you can lvl is 12. If you want to get superior stat benefits you will have to use +1 scroll to get it. Mostly used by PvPers for siege hours to increase their fighting abilities or for crafters + int if you are going to craft something specific... etc. 13th stat gives EXTRA bonus.

    Thanks @Angrrrry

    Sorry, yes I had forgotten it was a temporary boost to a stat.

    I had also missed the point about experience transfer being at half the speed.

    Temporary Stat boosting sounds useful to improve chances of upgrading one's Dominium :-) I delayed on my last upgrade, having expended all my spices on a bear skin. Something not easily come by.
    Crafting a really good steel hammer could also be very useful. They would probably sell well at Auction too :-)

    (I love the amount of thought that has gone into this game. The spooked birds and horses in the Disputable zones have a real scary effect, as presumably can be heard by any player nearby, in a similar way to the sound of wielding a pickaxe. In reality I think I've only encountered two aggressive players there.)

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    Re: Hiw often does the Stats Screen update?

    Sorry I'm having trouble posting with the link and I seem to have hit an Edit limit (muttering about spam). This should be the correct link below.

    Stats Updating image

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    @LawBR said in Hiw often does the Stats Screen update?:

    i think in the early stages of the game you shouldnt bother too much with stats, i have more than 150 hours played and my stats are still really low, far from cap, and we have the opportunity to change stats or reset all of them if we mess up. And it may be confusing to begginers that dont even know how the combat system works.
    But having more info about it in tutorials/wiki would be nice. There are so good guides here in the forum but i'm dont see much work done in the wiki, most of the content there is very outdated (portuguese and poski have really low amount of content but even the russian and the oficial one in english seens to be abandoned).

    Yes I made a small start on tidying up the (English) Wiki, but it is a major undertaking and gameplay seems much more attractive :-( Also if you go beyond just adding text to an existing page, the Wiki site syntax gets challenging, which must put most people off.

    Adjusting Stats is interesting. Hidden below my Stats popup, I nearly missed the message above my avatar, saying that one can only reduce one stat at a time.
    Stats updating seems so obvious now, As you say there was just so much in the game to take in at the earlier stages. I think I must have been maxed out for ages, I have just passed the 250 hour level.

    I still have Intelligence Stats on level five, whilst Perception is well into the level 9. Looks like both would benefit from an increase.

    Great. Now I am seeing the instant adjustments bottom right of screen, having opted to reduce Dexterity to increase Perception .. :-)

    Screen grab of Stats updating on bottom right of screen

    I note there are scrolls to increase or decrease a stat by one level. Presumably the downward one frees up experience points and the upward one only works, if there are enough free Experience points?

    You mention "reset all". Did I read that somewhere way back?? Ah yes, one can obtain scrolls for this and other stats adjustment in the Shop (at quite a low price.)

    Reset would have a really long term effect!

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    @LawBR said in Hiw often does the Stats Screen update?:

    Well, there is this topic where develepor explains a bit more of stats

    Thanks @LawBR that really explains more details! I had been puzzling over how the Stats could go down. I had failed to find this, as the forum Search crashes out for me. (Apologies for spelling error in subject. It would not let me edit it, claiming I was starting a poll. The embedded link in the post I would guess)

    That limit explains the suspiciously round number experience total at the top of screen. :-)

    So to increase my Perception level from 8 to 9, (reportedly larger clay deposits appear), I will need to reduce one or more other Stats, and then wait a while for it to happen :-)

    Players really need to understand this early on in the game and perhaps it is important to get Perception to 12 for resource harvesting. I will give it a try.

    I guess they are mostly common game development characteristics, which I usually take a wild guess at in games and move on. Though the player controls are a little different here.

    Had anyone really studied this? As it has quite important implications.

    It seems important that players are aware of these details at an early stage. I think the link at least needs to be on the Steam Discussion area, where it is searchable. Also on the official Wiki under Gameplay. There maybe a new subheading "Experience", a summary and a link. I will do that unless there are objections. Though I am not the best at describing things...

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    256 hours into the game, I have just started trying to figure out the Stats screen. It looks as if most activity should be updating these totals.

    How often should they be changing? I have recorded the totals and I do not see them changing over hours of game play.

    Could it have hit some overall experience limit?

    Screen grab of stats screen

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    @Pinochle said in How to exit destruction mode?:

    @Hangfire I put it on my hotbar, that way I can see if it is highlighted, or not.

    Thanks, an interesting idea @Pinochle. However for Demolish I use it too rarely and might select it by mistake. However I'll probably try a hotkey for "Follow", which doesn't currently switch on and off reliably (unless one switches sub-menus first).

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