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    I'm Inkeria the leader of Bloodyscarlet guild (RP).
    I'm here to recruit people playing on EU PVP server as it is mostly for RP we will have Officers, guards, farmers, foresters etc.
    As I try to make the guild mostly into that everyone has his job and doesn't bother with a job that he doesn't want to do.

    Plans for the guild :
    Farmers will be mostly outside the town and on the first wall to enter (Wooden palisades maybe upgrading into better ones)
    Guards will mostly open/close the doors and patrol around the walls not further, but if they have the order they will do escorts for economical transactions.
    Patrols will walk around the world trying to get useful information without getting in trouble.
    There will be grades and titles that will impact your priority and management (of your section)

    We need :
    Farmers and builders as we will begin as non-hostile guild even though anyone that wants to be a warrior will have to get use to simple axes and pickaxes. for now.

    Discord available if you want to join.

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