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    take 5 seconds, and help the project a lot with good reviews, if you want to this game grow and be healty of players, 5 second of your life is enough!

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    i think this will be very easy to add, and make rivers/ocean have different spices of fish depending on the river size

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    My idea is to create a "King / Clan Dominium" / "Kingdom / Clan Castle" (that works like a dominium and you can go in and administrate the interior) this can cover an area and can be upgradeable, on the King Dominium / King Throne you can administrate the permitions, and set a Law System & Exclusive Structures (The Common dominiums continue with their normal radius)

    Law System: On your radius, all laws are applied, this system can make a handshake with the Karma / Alignment system if it can be applied to the game. one rule there can be is this:

    a no-agression rule: if somebody hit people, dealing 25+ damage (on the clan radius) he will be marked as agressor, and other people can kill him without a penalty, they'll obtain honor/ karma.

    Exclusive Structure System: You can build exclusive kingdom structures that provides benefits like:

    Fertilized Ground that double the grain obtention and reduces the time of growth.
    Training Dummies where you can level up your skills without a risk (but a bit slower)
    Church: place where you can pray to god recieving temporary buffs (depending on your honor / karma, cof cof Buff System)
    Jail: Where you can put dishonored people on your clan, a temporizer depending of their karma / dishonor, not more, not less.

    Buff System: with a Church on your Clan / kingdom dominium, you can go in and pray to god on the altar, recieving buffs like more stamina, better defense, better parry / block %, more absorption, damage, crit chance, etc (maybe 2-3 at time?)

    That's all i think, it's very hard to me write all this text on english, i hope you can understand me.

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    easy to respond, in a survival game, a hard gameplay will need more grind and more people trying to reach the late game and be the best of the server, a survival game in which survival is guaranteed by having your safe place (no siege servers) is not fun.

    that's why people choose hardest servers, no matter what.

    that's my opinion, now, if you want you can not make it so hard to get materials, but the no item drop when you die and no raids? its a no-no, is ridiculous in a Survival Game.

    Finally, this comment could go in suggestions, making a lot of servers (3 Europeans and 2 Americans) is not healthy for the population of they. You can do wipes for 1-2 months something more balanced for new players

    Fuse all european servers and american servers in 2 (guys you don't have thousands of players yet... don't split the community.), and make medium difficulty server for America and Europe (droping items when you die, open pvp and raid but more resources, more craft speed, more quantity when you farm a resource etc...)

    It's a medieval survival game, the medieval life was not easy, you need to look into real survival player community, there're a lot of easy survival games out there.

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  • Jackal

    Empire Crafters del servidor Iktos busca guerreros que combatan a los brasileños por el dominio del servidor, hasta ahora dominábamos 3 castillos, pero fuimos derrotados por superioridad numérica, SOLO aceptamos gente que quiera pelear, nada de ratas encerradas que quieran jugar PvE only,

    No damos casi NADA al principio, solo nuestro conocimiento,no somos avaros,esto se hace para que no te aburras y veas que el juego es fácil cuando no lo es, queremos probarte hasta que nos aseguremos de que seas activo, nosotros no queremos gente AFK, gente que no juegue al juego, no queremos ser bulto (como algunos clanes...) solo gente de calidad, confianza y buena onda.

    En nuestro clan vas a encontrar gente confiable, buena, que te ayudara con tus dudas sobre el juego y tal vez

    En tal caso de que quieras sumarte, comunícate con Peyote, Korben, Smiler, Scaji o Maszke (yo, el mas activo) por privado o simplemente utiliza el local chat para encontrarnos.

    Ayúdanos a combatir la plaga.

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  • Jackal

    add a menu who shows the useful uses of a resource, i think it's simple to add right?

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    Refuge= 3% Quality
    Timbered = 4% Quality, 6% Stone Castle
    Half-Timbered = 5% Quality, 7% Brick Castle

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