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    Let me necropost a bit and bump this thread, because I have something to say here.

    Gamepedia provides an opportunity to create a language domain for any game wiki. All you have to do is to create a decent amount of translated pages (naming them like Wood/pl) and then contact admins. More details here:

    The developers are all Russians, but English wiki was the first to appear because of Gamepedia standards (and of course due to the fact that far more people can help translating from English than from Russian). For several weeks English domain was the only one, and Russian players didn't even know about it. (Have I already mentioned that I am Russian too?)

    So, we eventually found out about that wiki, and also wanted to "choose the language". As for me, I looked for Gamepedia localization policies, found the link above and started to translate pages. And soon we had enough of them to create a new domain. I aimed my efforts on technical issues first (templates, images etc.), another Russian player continued to write articles. Now I have completed most of the first-priority tasks both on English and Russian domains and also switched to articles creation. And I dare to say that currently the Russian part is more informative than the English one.

    Sorry. I have re-read my post and would like to apologize if it looks like boasting. My goal was to tell you that if you want the Wild Terra Wiki in your own language -- you can have it, and it is not that hard. Good luck and feel free to ask me on wiki if you have technical questions!

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    Hi, I am the WT Wiki master. First, thanks to you and everyone who contributes to the wiki. I have already seen your changes, good work! Please also take time to look at my changes too.

    Now to the current wiki state. The situation now is that we have the most detailed wiki (but yet not enough) in Russian: the developers are Russian, the most active players too. I try to keep all the technical stuff in English wiki up to date with Russian (I mean, all the necessary templates, categories and structure), but don't have enough time to update the content itself (the descriptions, hints etc.).

    In other words, here are the priorities we currently have in wiki:

    • Top: a skilled wiki pro to take the responsibility for the English part. This person will need to communicate with me concerning technical issues and have a practical knowledge of wiki background (formatting, templates, structure etc.). Ability to work with Russian texts is a GREAT plus (even if it is just with google translate :) ).
    • At least, an English-speaker eager to add content. Actually, the ability to work with Russian texts is even more necessary here. As I have said, there is a lot of info in Russian, including the one received directly from developers.
    • New language domain -- it is also theoretically possible, but you should clearly understand that it is going to be a HUGE amount of work to do. Moreover, it will need constant attention even after all this work is done, We already have a pt-br (Brazilian Portuguese) domain, and the guy who started working on it has quit several months ago. As a result, we have an outdated wiki that is practically useless to the pt-br players, as the game has moved far beyond since then.

    So, to sum up: the best help a random player can provide is adding the descriptions and missing articles to the English domain. Just I strongly advice you first to look at the source code of the existing articles and to find out how to do this the proper way: the article structures, the necessary parts of the article, the template usages etc.

    Contact me on wiki if you have questions, and good luck! Have fun!

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