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    I FIND A WAY !

    If you want to select a language that is not listed in the steam properties, but that is listed in the game folder "locale".

    There is a config file, config.js, in the game folder
    For the french language for example :
    Lign 36 in notepad++ :
    var FORCED_LOCALE = null;
    var FORCED_LOCALE = 'fr'; (don't forgot punctuation)

    Anyway i offered my help to complete the translation of the game to french.

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    I heard there was a partial French translation of the game during the beta.

    I see there is a "FR" folder in the game folder.

    But i don't find anyway to select French language, i don't see it in steam properties.
    I see other language in the list of the steam game properties

    I can help you to finish to translate the game if you need.

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