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    We've updated screenshots on our website, but not in all languages they are titled correctly. Please, check our screenshot section on and report to me if you find typos or wrong translations.

    If you speak several languages and want to check the site in other languages too, you can change the language in chrome browser. Here's how you can do it:

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    Once again! We're in need of help with translations.
    Right now we miss two translators:

    1. Spanish
    2. French

    There's also an update of text on our website is going. The amount of work is about 2000 words. Quite and easy way to get a free access key or a couple of thousands of gold in the game ;)

    If you want to help the developers with translation into these languages, please, contact me via forum chat.

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  • Pangolin

    Dear players, right now we need some help with translation into these languages:

    1. German;
    2. Polish;
    3. Portuguese-BR;
    4. and probably French translator will need some assistance.

    If you are willing to help, contact me via forum chat or

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  • Pangolin

    @Zimna-Stal rotate the table

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  • Pangolin

    @Zimna-Stal No, all the current server will remain untouched — just a new server will be added.
    All players will be able to change gender for free, for some time. Items will be the same for both male and female characters.

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    1. Sprites of charatcters and animals will be changed to 3D-models;
    2. New type of server with automatically expanding world map, size of which depends on how many people are playing on it;
    3. Possibility to play as a male;
    4. New interface.
      and some minor changes...

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    "It seems like a great game, I wonder why it's not popular. I guess it is because it's still new", — Yes, lots of work to do

    There will be an open test of a huge update in February. You'll be able to check the game out before buying it.

    We predict a lot of players to come back to check this new update, so there should be no problem with that.

    "It says that the release date is the first quarter of 2016. Can you be a bit more specific?" — No. We're kind of afraid to say any specific date, because we're still working on the update ;)

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    Thank you for your report! We'll consider your suggestions.

    Actually, renewing your fences/walls is a part of the gameplay. We try to make the possibility of upgrading a dominium and walls fortfication appear, approximately, in the same period of time. So, yes, this thing requires some working on it. We'll try work something out to solve problems connected with it.

    Well, one member of our team works on the new craft and building recipes. After completing our work on the server, we're going to rework all existing recipes to make the game more balanced in these terms.

    And we have a wiki page, even though there are still a lot of work to do:

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