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    Hey, i played Wild Terra now ALOT on all Servers, and i cant wait for the new update, wich is awesome! But still i like to introduce you to some changes wich will motivate alot of players as well your income from the game.

    First: A upgraded version of the shop.
    -Introduce a "capsule" or "lucky wheel" option in addition to the normal items where you might get a "Rare item" from it like a special sword recipe or so.

    For additional motivation what about the idea to introduce a new building.
    "The Market" once you build one you can trade with other players who have markets as well, infact this is a feature i really like to see...

    But what i absolutely wish in this game is an option to actually defend your castle/village from inside against invaders... without having to bail out. like a tower you can climb up and shoot from and you can get shot aswell or what about boiling pitch you can poor over enemys?

    Beside these things what about the a "Clan window" where you can manage your clans banner and give titels to your members.

    Maybe you could add a world map wich would be quite nice :P

    Greeting PatrikVonVluynen

    PS: AWESOME and NICE game ;) ive been waiting for a game like this quite a while

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