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    ...he will catch you.

    It's very difficult to catch anyone even if he has a low speed mount (if we talk about 1 by 1). But if alone armored guy faced a crowd of 4+ guys in a leather he probably will dead. And he has to be - because it is a pvp game after all, not a knight tourney.

    That's the reason i joined this community (specially hardcore server), if you commit to play PvP games you got to realize that you are gonna die a lot till you figure out how to win. That's what i like most about WT, you need to get help, figure out some how, try a lot of times... I really don't think that 8vs1 is a dev problem.

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    Hello all,

    First I want to thank all the Staff and the Devs for the great work. This is an epic game and everyone should know it! That's why I'm proposing a suggestion.

    I've been playing WT for a while and I see that the worst problem of the game is the lack of end-game content. It gets tedious after will reach your goals in the game. That's why I think we don't have populated servers and people quitting everyday...

    My Suggestion
    The game needs content for the people to keep playing everyday (besides minning and siege). What others MMORPG have that players log-in everyday is Battles for Territory. That's what motivates guilds to grind and go to war. They want territory (and ofc, territories advantages). The Siege once a week isn't worthy to fight for (the bonuses aren't so great and you only got 1 hour once a week to fight for it, that's too short).

    How Should be Those Territories
    This should be guild territories just like Castle. However, it should have advantages and uniqueness. So everyone should fight for it, or at least dream to fight for it one day. It could have mines inside it, or iron just for the guild members to mine it. Also, it should be the only place where you can craft some armor, material and tools (so everyone whould like to have those territory). Also, it could have farm territory, animal farming, iron plots, forests, whatever resourse is free on the map but more plentful and secure (so anyone whould want to have it).

    How to Conquer Those Territories
    There should be a way to Set an Attack that would happen in 24 hours. So everyday (just an example of timming, doesn't need to be everyday) one guild can Set the Attack to another guild's territory and fight for it the next day (another example of timming).

    A reminder, this is just a suggestion to make the content more interesting for players to keep playing after they had reach max. This game is really awesome and I've had reached all max stats and my personal goals, but I still want to have fully populated servers and many guilds and players having fun all day long (not just on minning and siege time) fighting each other for glory or whatever they want.

    Thanks all, please leave a message and your critic on my post!

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    Player: Procast
    Server: Ventar


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