• Rictus

    It would be nice to see some different weapons in the game items designed primarily as a weapon rather than as a tool used as a weapon
    (with multiple weapons you could also introduce attributes that vary based on the weapon rather than based purely on the skill in a weapon type)

    Mace type weapons

    Mace (lump of metal attached to wood)
    Morning Star (spikey lump of Metal attached to wood
    Flail - (Lump of Metal possibly spiked) attached to Chain attached to wooden handle)
    Three headed Flail - as above but with three lumps of metal on chains.

    Knife type weapons

    Dagger - short bladed knife
    Kris knife - asymmetrical wavy knife
    Stiletto - long thin knife
    Kukri knife - curved knife


    Axe type weapons

    It would also be nice to see some 2 handed weapons
    Double Headed Battle Axe

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  • Rictus

    Idea for a Grinding stone / sharpening stone for improvement of bladed weapons

    This could be a structure built using something like Hewn boulders, Planks and Nails

    My idea would perhaps allow a weapon to be increase the damage output of a weapon but at a cost of max durability so it would limit how much you could improve a weapon before making it useless.

    another idea for the same structure would be around repairs on certain weapons again this could reduce the Max Durability on repair - after all you can only repair items so much before they need replacing, the amount of durability lost could be based against the skill in the required craft. so the better you are at a craft the less it would wear down on repair.

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  • Rictus

    It would be a nice addition if the slings had varying additional damage based on the ammunition

    for example the Bows have a base damage range which is increased further with use of different arrow types
    Stone-tipped Arrow
    Copper-tipped Arrow +3
    Bronze-tipped Arrow +5
    Iron-tipped Arrow +7
    Steel-tipped Arrow +10

    perhaps something could be implemented for the Sling ammunition along the same lines
    one idea would be to use the existing processed stones like

    • Stone
    • Rough hewn Stone +1
    • Hewn stone +3

    or with additional items added like

    • Sharpened stones

    or to utilise the diferent metals ball bearings / casings made from the different metal
    so you could have:

    • Copper Ammo
    • Bronze Ammo
    • Iron Ammo
    • Steel / Cast-iron Ammo
      these could use similar point additions to what the arrows have if using the cast-iron in this it would make give the cast iron another use

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  • Rictus

    currently in game there are two types of cauldron

    Ceramic Cauldron 10 slots with 20 minute cycle
    Copper Cauldron. 5 slots with 1 minute cycle

    It would be nice to have a Larger sized cauldron that has the reasonably quick timings.
    when boiling eggs in the cauldron it feels a little impractical due to the amount of slots available you are unable to set it going for a longer period of time and still have it being efficient.
    since you need to have Fuel and Water filling up two of the spaces and at least 1 space for Raw eggs and 1 space for the Boiled Eggs as an output.
    so cooking options in a copper Cauldron are only as follows

    1 stack fuel (at most 20 cycles if using coal)
    1 stack water (50 units will only use up half)
    2 stacks Eggs (25x2)
    1 space for 25 boiled eggs
    takes 13 cycles (13 minutes) to produce 25 Boiled Eggs at which point you have no space

    2 stacks of fuel (max 40 cycles if using coal)
    1 stack water (50 units will only use up half)
    1 stack Eggs (25)
    1 space for 25 boiled eggs
    takes 25 cycles (25 minutes) to produce 25 Boiled Eggs at which point you have used up the Eggs

    Those are the only two useful layouts for Boiling them.
    in a Ceramic Cauldron you have 10 slots but each cycle is 20 times longer meaning to produce 21 eggs it takes an hour (having 7 stacks of eggs)
    it also uses up 5 units of fuel per cycle ie 5x (1 coal or 3 cuttings or 6 wood or 9 branches) making it even less efficient as 1 stack of fuel can at best can only produce 21 boiled eggs with 7 stacks of eggs 1 fuel and 1 stack of water as you run out of space and waste the last 5 fuel at which point you might get 28 eggs if it doesnt stall but then your out of fuel.

    with 6 stacks of eggs to give more space you can get 24 eggs but it takes another 80 minutes and you run out of fuel

    with two stacks of fuel it can go for 8 cycles but that means you have to reduce the number egg stacks again so after nearly 3 hours you only come out with 40 Boiled eggs

    looking back at historical details Cauldrons would often be made out of Bronze or Cast iron so these could be used as materials for a larger sized cauldron. that would be as efficient as the Copper Cauldron but have more space for the raw materials.

    it would also give another use for the Bronze and Cast Iron.

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  • Rictus

    Suggestion 1: Bear Hide Stack limit

    Currently Bear Hides take up a stack all on their own.
    I believe this limit should be increased up to about 5 Bear Hides
    Reasoning I came to this conclusion is due to the following points

    • Bear Hides can be processed into 3 2 Large Hides - leading to the assumption that a Bear Hide wouldn't take up much difference in space.
    • Large Hides Stack up to 20 - equivelent to approximately 7 10 Bear Hides (21 20 Hides) if no material was wasted when cutting them up.
    • assuming there is possibly a little extra material that is wasted when cutting up a bear hide the amount of material wasted would generally be less than the size of another Hide, so lets assume the amount of bear hide wasted was equivelent to 2 hides (a bear hide would be the size of about 4 hides.
    • Therefore you should be able to stack 5 to 10 bear hides in the equivelent space of 20 Hides.

    Suggestion 2: Corner castle wall parts - Corner Stone Block and Corner Brick Block that could be rotated depending on the corner.

    Reasoning behind this suggestion:

    • Towers generally are very large and obstruct the view of other structures behind them.
    • It would be nice to be able to have walls that connect on a corner without having to use a tower and still have a pleasing look to the join.

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  • Rictus

    there is a down side to the auto equip weapons,

    If you have a great weapon in need of repair but also have a back up weapon of the same type thats not quite as good that you plan to use for fighting till you get back to repair the other, the way it was described about equipping the best weapon for the ability you would end up breaking your good weapon instead of using the back up.

    you could work around this though by not letting it auto equip weapons that are below a certain durability.

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  • Rictus

    Are the stats correct for the Rare Helmets, in particularly the Light Armor helmets

    for example

    Plague Doctor Mask - stats are 5% Defence, 1% Dodge at 100%
    Viking Helmet also has the same stats - although this is crafted through blacksmithing instead of Leatherworking like the rest of the light armor.

    earlier available Light Armor Helmets

    • Rawhide Hat - 2% Defence, 5% Dodge
    • Hare Head Hat - 3% Defence, 6% Dodge
    • Fur Hat - 2% Defence, 6% Dodge
    • Deer Head Hat - 4% Defence, 8% Dodge
    • Leather Helmet - 3% Defence, 8% Dodge
    • Boar Head Hat - 4% Defence, 9% Dodge
    • Hardened Leather Helmet - 4% Defence, 10% Dodge
    • Wolf Head Hat - 5% Defence, 9% Dodge
    • Studded Leather Helmet - 4% Defence, 11% Dodge
    • Bear Head Hat - 6% Defence, 10% Dodge

    As the Light armor sets are all about the dodge why would you ever really aspire to getting the rare helmet light armor its worse than even the lowest available hats in terms of dodge rating. even if you take the defence rating into consideration the rare helmets still sit very low down the list in terms of usefulness.

    however if you compare the Heavy Helmets in the same manner, the Rare Helmets are better than all of their previous counterparts

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