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    Yes very funny. I like the idea. I think the hares have a long life ahead of them if they continue to fight back. Haha

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    @Dumdidum said:

    Great ideas Righteous !

    Some of mine:

    *archer towers that can be manned, to shoot at enemies from behind your palisades/stone walls - requires new stone/brick recipy YES!

    *boiling oil and fire arrows to defeat rams/ballista - oil can be drilled with special machines, and put in iron kettles Again yes.

    *sappers ! undermine walls by digging tunnels Could work but would still have to be similar times and cost to ballista or battering ram.

    *make the ballista moveable but really slow (takes 1 hour to relocate), to be able to destroy inner castle walls once inside Could work.

    *community building projects - build a giant statue with the whole server :everyone can add requested materials to it - to gain temporary or permanent server bonusses (like + to armor, or + to gathering speed, etc). Or make a bridge to another continent or island Yes yes yes. This is what the game needs, a community.

    *new ores like gold, silver, platinum to make ornamental items to decorate your castles and enhance weapons I am all for decoration, improving weapon and armor stats.

    You too, some great ideas here.

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    Here is one example I can help with. On the page, update, there are a few words which have not translated very well into the english language. Please send me a PM to discuss.

    1. Saturation -> Satiation. This is the correct word you are looking for.

    Here are my changes for our native English speaking players. I will post the patch notes on the wiki.

    EDIT: posted this change log on wiki under name RighteousWT

    The test client is still up and running but only until Monday April 4th. This new update will add an ability to both catch and ride animals on the main servers. Very exciting!

    To play the game on the main server, you will need to purchase one of our deeply discounted early access bundles. Now is the time to do it. Discounts up to 55% are active until Monday April 4th, 2016. Time is running out!

    Download and install the test client here to help us fix any bugs you may find.

    • Changes and fixes

    • Added lariat's to the list of traps for catching animals. A lariat is a rope lasso.

    • All large animals must be non-aggressive toward you before you can use the lariat to capture.

    • After catching a rideable animal, the owner can ride or release the animal into the wild.

    • Settings for lariat's are preliminary. Please discuss your experience with their use on the forums.

    • Added female iron and steel armor.

    • Increased the amount of satiation at the start of the game and after a character revives.

    • Crafting a noble cloak now requires red fabric. Hides are no longer used.

    • Players in the PvE safe zone will no longer have an attack cursor appear on the character.

    • Fixed a bug in which certain equipment on a player would not update when changing into a new outfit.

    Testing is still going on, and in this update we have added the possibility to catch and ride on animals.
    To gain access to the game on the main server, you need to purchase a bundle of early access. Now is the time to do it! Discounts up to 55% are active until Monday. Hurry up!

    Download the test client ...

    Changes and fixes

    To the list of traps added larians for catching animals.
    To catch a horse and a deer enough to use a larian, and aggressive animals need to be owned before catching.
    After catching the animal's, owner can ride or release the animal into the wild.
    Settings for larians preliminary, necessarily tell us about your experience with their use.
    Added female iron and steel armor.
    Increased the amount of saturation at the start of the game and after the revival.
    Now, for the manufacture of noble cloak is required red fabric, not hides.
    On player in the safe zone will no longer appear the cursor of attack.
    Fixed a bug due to which the equipment on the player has not been updated, due to which the other players can see old outfit on him.

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    Wine, mead and Beer/Beir! (Beer - requires oats, wheat, barley, mash, honey, yeast; Wine - grapes, rice, fermenting mixture)

    • Beehive - Attracts bees for honey and honey comb to make mead

    • Barrel - To store beer and wine

    New recipes (Provides +Health HP, Health recovery, walk speed, gathering or crafting speed)

    • Pumpkin pie

    • Apple turnover

    • Stew

    • Casserole

    New animals and creatures for crafting and recipes/buffs

    • Sheep - Produces wool, mutten (meat)

    • Cow - Produces cow's Milk, burger (meat)

    • Goat - Produces goat's milk for cheese, horns for ?something?

    • Scorpions - Produces Venom for poison tipped arrows (to be used on animals for DoT-damage over time effect), one bite bleeds 15 seconds

    • Pig - Produces lard for cooking oil or bio-fuel, and pork chops/pork ribs (meat)

    • Troll - a beast that can drop unique items. Semi-boss.

    • Frog - Nice ambient creature, produces frog legs (meat)

    • Chicken - Requires a chicken coop. Can be raised, fed grains, and produce chicks, chicken meat and eggs.

    New plants and trees (Etc etc.)

    • Lemon tree

    • Tomato

    • Potato

    • Turnip

    • Papyrus

    • Rice

    • Oat

    • Barley

    • Bamboo

    New chest container

    • Lock - to lock chests and containers

    • Lockbox - Small, medium, large; iron banded for strength; requires a lock (maximum allowed per account - 1. Has 6 slots)

    • Lockpick - to pick lock boxes; requires steel to make

    • Key - none needed, owner just opens; attacker must lockpick (may take 1-100 lockpicks to open)

    New garment clothing

    • Backpack - Hardened leather. Gives an extra 6 inventory slots.

    • Seed bag - Separates seeds from other inventory slots

    New marketplace

    • Market stand/stall - Requires linen, wood planks, iron or steel, wagon wheels, nails and rope to make. Allows players to trade items like 10 large hides for one iron axe.

    Chat, in game 'email' and messaging (combine the following and send to anyone on server)

    • Ink - made from a plant with tools like a mortar and pestle

    • Parchment paper - Made from papyrus/flax/bark/water in a pot.

    • Quill Pen - Made from feathers and horn

    New message sign

    • Sign - Requires a wood post, wood planks and a knife (limited number a player can make - 2. Max characters per sign, 20.)

    New Vehicles

    • Raft - To float and move on water. Planks, wood posts, rope, nails.

    • Wagon or Cart - to move things around like stone, wood. Can be attached to mount.

    • Saddle bags - inventory space for a mount.

    • Saddle - Increases mount movement speed.


    • Fish provide filets of fish, fish bones, fish head, fish eggs

    • Fishing pole and supplies such as line (sinew), hook (stone, iron, steel, bone), worms (found when making an arable or digging with a shovel, bamboo cane pole

    • Fishing net

    Cooking meat - Must have either a wood or iron spit, frying pan for fish. Currently too easy in a firepit.

    More to come!

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    Lol! Read this page about the hare and click on the link to his 'abnormally aggressive hare behavior.'

    I hope you have a good laugh as I did!

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    @EROS said:

    i have bought an item from the game shop. but i can't find it in my inventory. Where it is? How can i take it?
    When i buy something, which character it belong to?
    Thank you!

    Log in with the character you were logged into when you bought the item in the store.

    Go to your recipes list in game (creation windows) and search for the recipe there.

    The recipe is unlocked, which means you can make it if you can find and craft everything that is required, but you still have to follow the way of crafting to get the item.

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    @Zimna-Stal said:

    @Righteous said:

    So you want all the defense advantage of steel armor for yourself, then the speed advantage and armor disadvantage of another players leather armor gets diminished just because all you want to do in the game now is hunt people? No.

    You have a safe zone of where no one will not kill you like a walk on the pvp zones do not cry that someone is hunting you. You do not want to be killed? It does not go to dangerous zones. This game tends toward realism so do not cry, just do not play in dangerous zones. In fact, real life if you was hit by arrow you are injured and than you running slower, in game should be same like i real life, Realism makeing game better game.

    In real life, people sit at their poor laptops with poor fps and try to play games on the internet.

    In real life these same people still have to follow the rules of real life.

    This game is not real life but realism so it's like real. The more we discuss things about the game and the less we attack others behind their screen, the better the game gets. Let's talk about the game ok?

    Doesn't mean there shouldn't be any rules.

    We still need different types of players to play different types of play styles because if all anyone wants to do is hunt people down, then there will just be a few people playing, like there is now. these people did not leave because they cried, they left because that is not how they want to play. It will be nice to have the PvE zones so people like you can taunt others all day long.

    Maybe we should make a jail for you instead? Maybe, just maybe, we should all come after you over and over again....yea actually, that sounds good!

    The point is, if there is too much development on PvP, then you are losing all the PvE players. Just look at the test server, most people there are playing in the safe zone, right? Have to balance out the play styles.

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    @Dumdidum said:

    Did some more testing especially the** clan war grounds**.

    • It's great that you can build there unlimitely. There seems to be no decay without using the dominion stone. Is that by design ? So you can make unlimitless bases there
    • drawback is that everyone is building chinese walls ;) soon you wont be able to walk there anymore because of all the walls made
    • I tested making a dummy character and trying to place my dominion stone in the middle of someone's house in the clan war zone. That works so you effectively claim a piece of land from someone else. Unfortunately the buildings still on it cannot be destroyed by you, says they are owned by someone else. Is this by design?
    • I think to be able to build on these grounds, you should need another (second) dominion stone, maybe a guild stone? Or have some decay in this zone. Otherwise there will be huge problems with people getting blocked on their lands etc.

    A possible solution: If a person wants to play PvP or contest a zone, they must have their only available dominion on a PvP area. Likewise, if a persons dominion is in a PvE zone, they cannot demolish anything in PvP or elsewhere (except their own things or possibly anothers items in their own PvE dominion border like a fireplace they want to remove)

    • iron and rock seems scarce and hard to find. And this is with few people roaming here. Imagine if more players come to the server.

    Oh, the items are there it's just that at the moment these items are more concentrated in certain areas. I would like to see more randomized and possibly random timer spawns (2 minutes, 30 minutes, 4 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours)

    • bug with campfires that burn endlessly without fuel / same goes for smelters etc

    **I have seen these also. Map loads, campfire or another structure is burning or showing smoke, go to the structure, open, no fuel inside. Extinguish, structure stops burning. **

    • rabbits attack now ;)


    • regarding pvp - can we get an option to slow players when they run, perhaps each time a sling stone hits they slow down for 2 seconds ? Another idea is to have a weapon that does damage over time, like a poisonous arrow or speer

    No thanks. We need more focus on other aspects of the game then to run people off the servers because of grievers and head hunters.

    Made my first battering ram this morning, see how that goes when its done in 8 hours.

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    @Zimna-Stal said:

    Regarding pvp - can we get an option to slow players when they run, perhaps each time a sling stone hits they slow down for 2 seconds ? Another idea is to have a weapon that does damage over time, like a poisonous arrow or speer I support the idea that you should be able to slow down the players but personally instead of poisoned arrows I would prefer injury such as in the case of being hurt by animals but in this case we hurt player and this only slows down the player.

    So you want all the defense advantage of steel armor for yourself, then the speed advantage and armor disadvantage of another players leather armor gets diminished just because all you want to do in the game now is hunt people? No.

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    Very funny! Thank you for posting.

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    I will use the format above as I think it covers what I want to say.

    The good:

    Direction for the game is going forward in a positive way. I am enjoying what is being played out on the test servers. I like the idea of keeping stamina and health separate.

    The live servers seem a bit empty as previous players have given up because of raids. This makes good for newbies, plenty of rabbits, wolves, plants, trees and left behind resources.


    I have to agree with the above reviewer Dumdidum on all notes here. Many items in the game just are not being found yet by me as a newbie. In fact, I haven't found one yet.

    More interaction on the wiki from players.

    Any tutorials should be made by players on the wiki.

    I agree on the weapons and armors. Each tier does not seem to improve (after watching videos on the subject).

    On the test server, some items require a little more to make. Good.

    Edit: On test. The pathing around objects is great! Nice work.

    Edit: On test. I like how we can close the doors and gates now. Going through doorways was a hassle. Not anymore!


    Alot of left behind structures. I would like to see a way to 'deconstruct' these structures left behind. If a structure like a windmill or wall is left behind, outside of a land claim, provide an option to 'scavenge' for materials. This scavenge skill randomly provides stone, wood etc from the structure, sometimes nothing. Charred buildings and structures should provide even less or nothing and/or some charcoal.

    Moving buildings would be nice. Would need to be a cost though (maybe a third of the resources needed to build) in order to move.

    If you decide on decay, make it so items decay over a period of use and eventually disappear. If done, make an option to repair.

    Love the idea of an indestructible stall to sell/trade items to players.

    No in game money. Trades only.

    Underground mining, caves, cave wall beams, ladders to caverns, mining!

    More types of plants to find and plant. Overall, more interactions that 'appear' in the wild to forage.

    Random low chance of trees appearing. There is a lot of empty land.

    Barrels to make beer/beir or wine for buffs.

    Armors should give an appropriate defense for each tier.

    Wagons to haul items; pack horses or pack donkeys with bags for more inventory.

    Backpacks for more items.

    PVE servers, with some places PVE and others PVP. Edit: If you want to PvP on a PVE server (destroy others walls, loot others things), then your dominium must be in a PvP zone.

    Errors and bugs

    Some animals say 'world_object_not_found' after having spent an arrow or spear or more. Those animals should have zero interaction at all, and obviously eventually fixed.

    Sometimes the client closes out. A background image shows in place of the game, my inventory, build windows and health bars show. Have to restart the client.

    Thank you for reading. Having fun!

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