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    I think thats would be cool if you can moove your buildings. At least inside in your dominium. Its a bit annoying, when you upgrade your dominium and you have to demolish half of the walls, and then rebuild them... Its a lot of materieals and a lot of time...

    The other thing is the ingame volume control. It's not really need explanation. And maybe the ability of the fullscreen.

    And another "little" thing. For the Nail recipe. You need 5 iron to get a nail. I think its a bit expensive. maxbe 5 iron for 10 or 20 nails would be nice, but 5 iron for 1 is a bit problematic if we compare how much you need for other stuffs.

    Forth.: Wiki. Maybe. For crafting things. I like explore the stuffs in games, but after a while I just ragequit. And dont touch the game for days...

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