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    Some questions are about whether something will be added, not when

    1 - When you bleed, why the job is interrupted or why can not get on the horse? (please, no answer and example with real life)

    2 - Is there an interruption button, for example: I run / ride and want to stop without pointing or shooting with a bow while charging I want to stop and not to wait for shooting or other actions?

    3 - Will it be added, when applied to the material in a recipe, to open the recipe of material?

    4 - Will there be information that shows how much time remains until the completion of the process (buildings)?

    5 - Does a higher level of perception affect other resources, than to see honey and big clay. For example, do we see more mines, nests, animals, and so on?

    6 - The levels of some skills, for example, logging (mining ...), besides the fact that larger trees can be cut off, does it also influence in another way, for example, increase the amount of harvested material ?

    7 - When cutting wood, the better tool (ax) gives you more resources or just a better chance of success? - as well as other tools, mining pick , sickle, shovel...

    8 - Does the higher level of mining provide a bonus, for example, to see more resources or only to be able to extract ore from a higher level?

    9 - Only pre-finished buildings give certain bonuses?

    10 - If 9 is YES, and we make our own building, will it add special items wich to put in the building and give certain bonuses?

    11 - Do you have to be in a building to get the bonus, for example, for more insight?

    12 - If we make two identical buildings, will the bonus accumulate? 10% + 10% = 20%

    13 - When get off the horse and shoot at once, you swing with the pick and so on. without moving, always hitting the horse, will that change?

    14 - Will add, return some of the materials when destroying buildings as it is for some items?

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    One of the big problems to make it difficult, not impossible, the orientation is that the map is very uniformly(Angrrrry please do not try to confess that it is not:) ) and there are not many marks to remember. There are actually 2 main terrains that are everywhere (desert and grass).

    Because the terrain increases and decreases automatically, depending on the players, and can not be pre-created, if add some things that do not occur very often or have a great distance between, such as abandoned buildings or large, unique rock formations, large fallen trees, ruins and so on (whichcan not be destroyed) will improve orientation. Adding different terrains (for example several types of green and deserts - and divided into territories) will also greatly improve orientation , but you need to make terrains more important. Certain objects appear on certain terrains.


    • Clay is found in a large amount only near water and the terrain is deserted. If the terrain is grassy and there is water there is very small amount.

    • You find a desert terrain and you know there are lots of ore, while in others it is very minimal.

    • Or trees can only grow on grassy terrain (may be set, defined grassy, if there are several).

    And now it is, but to must develop much more the importance of the terrain.

    The idea of marking is good (but not a single mark). It is possible to introduce marking plate, as each player is entitled to example, 5. Makes and puts it. Once they have placed, sit for a certain time (for example week). After the time they start to self-destruct and can be broken by other players. Also, in the options can add which mark are visible. To friends, castles, house or marking plate. In order not to get a screen full of arrows.

    These are small examples, just for direction and ideas. As for the lack of co-ordinates, and with the current data can determine who is where.

    If I have sample data: for example these 822c2fo rld:35370 I can tell where it is on the map and get there... directly

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    @Angrrrry as I said this is just an example ... the idea is to return materials and not to raise level.
    As for the levels, tell me for stoneworks: what you're going to do... hunders stone lions?
    or after carpentry 30 levels what you do, hundreds of scarecrows?...

    Тhe questions is rhetorical and it's not about crafting and level...there is a lot to change in carft/farming to become good/fun (and not boring/pointless) with time it will be and learn to accept constructive criticism, it is for good.

    Yes, I know for a time that it is not easy to add, but writing the time cycle is easy to do (is not variable), just info...and will greatly facilitate farming

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    1 - Return part of the materials.

    Need when destroy some items: wooden, stone or other (no metal) some part from materials to be returned, as for metal items Forge (does it work?)

    Example: Our carpentry is 22 level. To raise it to a 23 level, we need to craft many unnecessary objects / parts. Example choose "Timber House Hight Corner Slope". We need to craft average 50 pieces,so for them we need: 200 staves - 500 Rough Planks - 100 Logs - 50 copper nails. It is clear that we do not need 50 pieces, so it is good when destroy them, we back some of the material (eg 10%), and that % may change depending on some skill or characteristic.

    Yes we do not have to craft the same items, but however different they may be, a great deal of them will be unnecessary. Just to up level...

    That we have mentioned many times, but it is very important. The unnecessary actions, as well difficulty, makes the games boring...

    Carpentry Level: 22 --->23 / Bronze Axe: Quality 100

    2 - Farming
    It would be a good idea to put a time cycle on the farm as well as in some buildings. Also, a timer can be put on, as on It would be a good idea to put a time cycle on the farm as well as in some buildings. Also, a timer can be put on, as on added a timer for receiving quests.


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    • It is high time people who say that if someone is against the meaningless killings are not for PvP to understand exactly what that means "PvP". Player vs. player does not mean only kill and loot it applies to every aspect where two players can oppose. Yes killings and looting are part of this type of game, but it means that thas must become uncontrolled. There is nothing wrong in control (penal , sige, system or etc.) as long as it is accepted by most players. Losing is also part of the game, but remember that this is only a game and its part is to entertain us when it gets so burdens more than entertain, then players start search for new game.

    • To answer to someone who has lost a week, a month in building something and have to start from the beginning with the words: move to another server or it's part of the game does not complain, it is not serious. These people who "complain" they do not do it just for them, they do it to all. They see something in their eyes something wrong, then give arguments, ideas and suggestions. This should be respected and if someone does not agree, then must give their ideas and suggestions, not just saying that is PvP, they are afraid, etc.

    As for the system sieges:

    Old and new systems have advantages and disadvantages. The concept itself is not clear because we, the players do not know what developers think, and they do not tell us. So the idea of a specific time may be a better solution, but can not. Guilds, sieges, defense, trade everything is linked and we do not know how, so it is difficult to determine what and how are best

    Developers constantly ask us what we think about the systems that they introduced. When someone says something against it, they immediately began to defend why so made it that way. We players may not know what they think. If before they introduce a system, ask what we think and how we see things will be much easier for them. Of course if they really are interested in opinion of the players and do not say: the game is ours and will do such whatever we want, without objections. I do not believe they think this way,

    You (dev) have an idea, work on one, share it with us. All game developers say they listen the players but actually a small part in fact do it . If you truly listen the players, then must share more often and in advance. I know you have a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of work, and reduce the negative comments that affect game. Do not underestimate the players and let them become part of your team, actually.

    p.s. Demonstrate that we are part of the team, not with words but with deeds. We will continue to support you.

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    @guti Imagine it like this:
    There is a kingdom in which territory has laws of the king. The more away from the kingdom, the less are complied and respected these laws. The idea is one server that offers something for every player. If you think of another way to bring together PvP and PvE players without zones, give suggestion.

    Do not look at the zones like something bad. Even if there are no separate, there are always zones. A place on the map has more minerals, the other forest, desert and so on. There are always zones and there will be. As in each zone has differ environment. why not to have and differ rules for killings, construction, etc.

    On PvE has 2665 registered players - average 40 player online
    On PvP has 1107 registered players - average 18 player online

    What is good in PvP (server) to play with only 20 players.

    Tomorrow there will be a guild(zerg) and razed entire server because it can and nothing can stop them. There will be people who will say why you not go in this guild or find, more big or just create one. It is the same... Imagine that a month you build something and lose everything and have to beginning from scratch. How many times you will start ... How many players will start again and how many will quit. Probably most will quit. Now someone will say, this is normal PvP. Yes, but the game exists only if there are enough players to maintain the server(game) alive. Each one is important and contributes to the live of the game (server). So the idea is a one server (PvP, PvE, GvG, ZvZ...) and everyone to decide what he wants to do,

    I'm not complaining, I'm just witness how all hard PvP games die. First, because the hard PvP players are less and second, because there are no rules. Penal system etc.

    There no one that can pointing a game with such a system and say why not worked. There is no perfect system. There is no one that is respected by all players. But without such... The good thing in this time is that we can learn from the mistakes of others. To take the good things and these are things that affect most players. There will always be unhappy ...

    My view is that first to create penal system, secondly, need to think of a way to crearte a server that offers all kinds of game (PvP, PvE, GvG...). Let there has hard PvP servers, there is no worse, no one is against it.

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    @Nightmare I do not want to remake WT to UO, I do not remember how it was karma system . Аt this stage the game is close to Darkfall.

    Each system works some more effectively others not so. The systems are not to be observed by all, and by the majority. It's like driving. If the road has a limit of 80 kilometers. you decide whether to follow or not. If you want to drive with 200 OK, Nobody tells you with what speed to drive, but if drive over 80 you will be punishment. You decide.

    Have to think of Golden Mean. Can not please everyone, but most...and these are PvE. But as I said and @Daniel36 very soon they got last level of development, it will get tired.

    As for the problem with "peaceful" thieves.

    Can always resolve. Yes more difficult than to separate servers, but if want the game to have a long life, separation is not the way...


    Green zone:

    In this zone, Players can not be killed unless they are punished (red name). Can be built only basic and small dominium. Buildings can not be destroyed. In this zone can not build some advanced buildings and siege weapons.

    Thus new players are protected. Those who want to play PvE also have the option, but if they want rare resources must go to danger zones or to buy them from other players. Also, if they want to grow more, they have to move and build in other zones.

    • Player with dominium in this zone can not build and use siege weapons

    • If player with dominium in this zone kill someone, then its buildings can be destroyed, for a certain time, and he might be killed in the protected zone (his name and dominium turns red).

    • If player with dominium in this zone is killed by someone, for a certain time, he can kill, his attacker without its buildings become destructible. (his name remains normal) – revenge

    • if he wants to attack some castle, it must declare war, and must pass for example 48 hours before he can attack. By The announcement of war, his buildings can be attacked (during those 48 hours that he can not begin to attack). Also, after the war ends (lasts a certain time 48 hours), its buildings can still be attacked for certain time(12h). - All time is indicative.

    • With the declaration of war,he can build and use siege weapons. All time is indicative.

    • Buildings decay - Low

    Yellow zone:

    In this zone, everyone can be killed, but the murderer suffers punishment, if not proceed to no penalty. Can be built only basic, small and large dominium. In this zone can not build a brick wall ...

    • Declaring war - after 24h can attack.
    • Buildings decay - AVERAGE

    Red zone:

    In this zone, everyone can be killed, NO penalty. Can be built all dominium and buildings.

    • Declaring war - after 12h can attack.

    Buildings decay - HIGHT

    For Yellow and Red zone can be added and other things. May in some zones walls and buildings to have more durability and so on. May have special buildings that are only for defined zones.

    P.S. Of course these are all proposals, you decide what how and why

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    You must have in mind @ZhaoKuro not me ... I agree with what you say :)

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    as far I know, currently dev developing a new system to sige. Now not worth the time, resources and effort, unless you want revenge on someone :)

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    You're wrong about one thing that does not work anywhere, but will not enter into a dispute about it - many examples.

    I'll tell you my point of view:
    PvP - It must be regarded as a world powered only by the players, where anyone can face each in a different aspect, be it fights, building castles, trade and so on. Wrong perception is that PvP is only for killing and loot between the players.

    Developers focus all their energy into it to be able to kill and loot, make pvp(hard) sandbox, but time has shown that this is the wrong policy. For that reason exactly PvP games (servers) die quickly because hard PVP players are less.

    A game to succeed, need to offer everything. See the server PvP and PvE in which there are more players. PvE - Most players want to develop and have some protection, but also willing and able to fight. If you know that in PvP server will be killed permanently, the PvE player will not go into it, but on the other hand the game is not farmvale and after a while they will get tired of collecting resources and quit. The game started in the right direction with the server "Novus". But from there split into PvP and PvE and development goes only in PvP direction. in PvP to be understood more killing and loot. Do not get me wrong, I'm PvP focused player, but I witnessed how this way leads only to quick killing the game. I do not want this to be just another pvp sandbox game...

    The Golden Mean is a mixed server where you have protection to develop, and be able to lead battles. Of course the most important thing is the rules where none became not disadvantaged in favor of the other.

    Here are actually what is my vision: (always have another) - Have to introduce several things:

    1 - Announcement of the war - declaring itself is to have protection, rules. It may be not a declaration of war, but it is a direction

    Castles: To attack the castle of someone, it must first declare war. The announcement lasts a certain time during which the defender can prepare. As now build siege weapons (it's like a declaration of war 8:00). After time runs out, it can now be attacked. You go build catapults, etc. and attacking the castle.

    Killing: Having declared war on someone, then you can kill in each zone (and peaceful), during the war. without being considered a punishment.

    • The war can last a certain time or until the signing of a primate from both sides.

    • Declaring war is different depending on which zone the castle opponents. If castle in a peaceful area, the preparation (time) is longer. Example: Peace - 12 hours / No Peace - 6:00

    • After the war, the participants can not declare war again (between them) for some time, 72 hours, 7 days, etc.

    With the introduction of war - anyone can attack anyone when he wants and where he wants and will not be punished. At the same time players know from who to run and with who lead battles.
    These are only orientations that I can think of at the moment. It can always develop better idea

    2 - Penalty system.

    Here my idea is if someone kills for certain time (72 h), for example 10 players his name become red. To change the color again back to neutral, it must pass a certain time, depending on how many players he killed.

    • If you kill 5 to 9 players in interval 72 hours, then your name becomes blue
    • If you kill 10 or more players in the interval 72 hours, then your name becomes red.

    To regain a neutral color, it must pass e a certain time without killing anyone.

    • blue - then any killing = 4 hours (max 9 * 4 = 36 hours without the murders).
    • red - then any killing = 5 hours (10 * 5 = 50 hours .... 100 * 5 = 500;)).

    Red color - someone sees it will know that its dangerous and has warned. Also, red color, can be attacked and killed in peaceful areas without being considered a punishment for the other player.

    3. Areas:

    • Peaceful and non-peaceful -

    Non-peaceful - Nobody is protected. In these areas can not build simple dominium just special, wich have a greater range and have a hight defense and hit points.

    Peaceful - You can not kill players (unless their name is red) and I can not attack the castle . The only way to attack the castle is when declaring war. Dominium: less defend and hit points

    it's a small part of big plan, just as a guideline. Everything's example, just to understand the idea...

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