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    is not complete. There are marked only 85 players (so far I have seen only that)... I do not write the names of the players and where they are...if there is a desire and not much against, I can add them...



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            HP   Run On 	Dmg
    Bear	400    350	20
    Wolf	200    150	10
    Boar	150	80	20
    Horse	150	 0	 0
    Dare	100	 0	 0
    Fox	100	70	 8
    Hare     20	 0	 0
    Polecat  20	 0	 0
    Grouse   10	 0	 0
    Raven	  5	 0	 0

    if the bear (wolf) chasing you and not stuck (fence, etc.) will not begin to recover life after stop chasing you...
    100 points armor reduces the damage to half (20 ->10)
    Camp Fire, recover 5 hp on tick
    Bandage stop bleeding

    From table you can see:
    Name: Weapon / Tool
    Dmg: The damage at 100% quality
    Sec.: For how many seconds with continuous attack the bear will run away (350 damage)
    Hits: How many hits you will do this time

     Name:         Dmg     Sek.    Hits
    Stone Knife	7	43	50
    Sling	        10	39	35
    Copper Knife	10	30	35
    Stone Hatchet	10	23	35
    Bronze Spear	17	23	21
    Copper Sword	18	21	19
    Bronze Knife	14	20	25
    Bow	        20	19	18
    Hunting Sling	20	19	18
    Iron Knife	15	19	23
    Copper Axe	14	18	25
    Stone Pick	15	18	23
    Bronze Sword	24	16	15
    Iron Sword	25	15	14
    Steel Knife	20	14	18
    Steel Sword	30	13	12
    ShortBow	25	13	14
    Composite Bow	30	12	12
    Hunting Bow	50	12	7
    Bronze Axe	25	10	14
    Iron Hatchet	27	9	13
    Bronze Pickaxe	30	9	12
    Iron Min Pick	35	8	10
    Steel Min Pick	40	7	9
    Steel axe	33	6	11


    If you start the attack with a hunting bow and hit 2 times (100 damage) before the bear to come near. Then if you use a Bronze Pickaxe and start to hit when she approached, after seven seconds or 10 hits she start to run. During this time, if your armor is 100, it will cause damage around 80. If you are near the fire, stamina is full, as satisfaction, then you can kill a bear. ;)easy
    Do not forget to wear a bandage and when you start to bleeding ;)

    p.s. if you die, then you come back, the bear will not be recovered. If not stuck;)


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    Struktures window 01:

    1.) Icon that indicates that this object can be craft and by selecting will be transferred to the recipe (Craft window 02)
    2.) Required resource - "Staves"
    3.) Тhe upper number (0) shows what quantity of the resource(Staves) is available in bag. In this case it is zero. Тhe bottom number (4) shows required amount of resources(Staves) to build "Timbered House Flat Roof".
    4.) In this case the button is gray because missing part of the resource (Staves = 0). Also added quantity experience that will acquire a after success build
    5.) In this type/size of window can be added up to 5 items

    Craft window 02:

    6.) Icon that indicates that this object used in other recipes. After pressing, show the third window "Recipe window 03"
    7.) Indicates an amount that will be made from 1 log in this case
    8.) Current amount of resources and required amount of resources
    9.) Also added experience points when success create

    Recipe window 03:

    10.) After clicking on the icon (recipe) in Craft window (6) is open this windows which shows all recipes that require this material (Staves). After choosing and clicking on selected recipe, opens a build/craft window with the selected recipe


    • The display of experience that will be acquired would facilitate players, and they will calculate how many items need to do to rise skill level (4 - 9 )
    • The display of curent amaunt of resource (Staves) in bag, would facilitate players, as not need to open the bag, looking and count for a required resource

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    This is the first thing you see when you start the game.
    You naked in the middle of nowhere :)0_1482234403105_001.jpg

    1 - means you'll be in a protected area where you can not be robbed, murdered and no one can destroy your buildings.

    2 - This is a the food bar. It is divided into 5 parts, and each part is filled with a different type of food.
    a. meat - bread - vegetables - fruits - mix

    3 - stamina - is spent by performing actions, walking, running, fighting, making objects and buildings. - Where 0 can not perform any action, just walk.

    4 - Life - these are your vital points. When fall to 0, die


    • When stamina is at max, it filled every 5 seconds(tick), 5 hp
    • Stamina is filled every 5 seconds(tick) a different amount (2-4-6-8-10) by, depending on how the food bar is filled.
    • Food Bar is divided into five parts, each gives + 2 bonus stamina. 20% gives +2 stamina / 40% + 4 / + 6 60% / 80% + 8 / + 10 100% stamina of tick.
    • It's good to keep the food bar as possible full.
      *I will not go into detail, has them in forum


    5 - At the beginning of the game start with 10 foods that fill - bread and fruits - do not eat them, keep them.

    • Do not run, just walk, so spend less stamina.


    Your first task is to gather, food, twigs, stones and cut off the trees (3-5 level).
    Food - eggs, carrots, mushrooms and apples - do not eat them

    Do these:2_1482234862611_006.jpg 1_1482234862610_005.jpg 0_1482234862609_004.jpg

    When you see grouse, hitting a spear. - It will give you meat, feathers

    While gather resources look for a place like this. Have trees, animals and resources. This is the place for your first base


    1 - Build starting dominium
    2 - The bed of branches - select a point of recovery by pressing on it
    3 - Camp Fire

    • These are resources that I have collected for 15-20min.
    • Note that my food bar is almost empty. Do not eat anything.


    Open fire and roast mushrooms and eggs. When baked, the food filling more food bar. Do not eat them.0_1482235077403_010.jpg

    Make some stone axes until raise the level of skill survival 5. Then make torches until raise the survival 9-10 level.
    0_1482235127302_011.jpg 0_1482235135715_012.jpg

    My food bar is empty, and stamina. Do not eat anything

    Here is the moment to commit suicide, NOT BEFOR YOU MARKED POINT OF RESURRECTI - bed of branches.

    Choose to resurrection on your place

    Why commit suicide. If you notice I was born with a small food (bar), meat and bread. That's a bonus.

    Take first food from your body. Eat the maximum number of cookies and then carrots, apples, eggs, mushrooms, honey - whatever you have.0_1482235473490_016.jpg

    By fill completely stamina, it will fill and life. Also my food bar is full over 80%, which means that it will fill stamina with 8 points of tick.

    It is all about 30 minutes of game.

    The next step is to fences dominum. Do it with Shelter`s Wall not a small fence. The reason is that with small fence other players can reach your things and take them.

    The reason I raise the survival rate of max is that by make axes they are with very good quality. (But not always - still waiting to fix that) .Example-quality ax 87% -127%:



    Fence is ready. Until now it took about 40min.
    Build several baskets and unload your stuff

    The next step is to upgrade dominium.


    For this you need 10 level stonework, and 3 small raw hides.

    Going for stones, many stones ... also make a stone pickaxe, for Boulder.
    Besides stones, collect, and other resources, twigs, food, kill chickens for meat.
    Once it has at least 350-400 small stones return


    Baking meats and other foods. Do not eat them.


    You begin to make Rough Hewn Stone until you reach level 9 of the stonework. Do not eat. :)

    Then you make a few Rough Hewn Boulder until raise 10 level.


    You are now level 10. Going for rabbits, kill 3 and have skins.

    To upgrade dominium, you'll need a shovel. You do one and upgrade dominium.


    From here on:

    If you are in peaceful lands surrounding it with Shelter`s Wall. If you are in the other, then the next step is necessarily tobuild fence Palisade.


    Now you can evolve peacefully. (68min game play)

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    Some time ago I also had a proposal, for some "order" in the futility killings ;)

    But most players obviously do not like to have such rules, penalties, etc.
    Currently, Wild West look like a peaceful land :)
    just a joke

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    You're wrong about one thing that does not work anywhere, but will not enter into a dispute about it - many examples.

    I'll tell you my point of view:
    PvP - It must be regarded as a world powered only by the players, where anyone can face each in a different aspect, be it fights, building castles, trade and so on. Wrong perception is that PvP is only for killing and loot between the players.

    Developers focus all their energy into it to be able to kill and loot, make pvp(hard) sandbox, but time has shown that this is the wrong policy. For that reason exactly PvP games (servers) die quickly because hard PVP players are less.

    A game to succeed, need to offer everything. See the server PvP and PvE in which there are more players. PvE - Most players want to develop and have some protection, but also willing and able to fight. If you know that in PvP server will be killed permanently, the PvE player will not go into it, but on the other hand the game is not farmvale and after a while they will get tired of collecting resources and quit. The game started in the right direction with the server "Novus". But from there split into PvP and PvE and development goes only in PvP direction. in PvP to be understood more killing and loot. Do not get me wrong, I'm PvP focused player, but I witnessed how this way leads only to quick killing the game. I do not want this to be just another pvp sandbox game...

    The Golden Mean is a mixed server where you have protection to develop, and be able to lead battles. Of course the most important thing is the rules where none became not disadvantaged in favor of the other.

    Here are actually what is my vision: (always have another) - Have to introduce several things:

    1 - Announcement of the war - declaring itself is to have protection, rules. It may be not a declaration of war, but it is a direction

    Castles: To attack the castle of someone, it must first declare war. The announcement lasts a certain time during which the defender can prepare. As now build siege weapons (it's like a declaration of war 8:00). After time runs out, it can now be attacked. You go build catapults, etc. and attacking the castle.

    Killing: Having declared war on someone, then you can kill in each zone (and peaceful), during the war. without being considered a punishment.

    • The war can last a certain time or until the signing of a primate from both sides.

    • Declaring war is different depending on which zone the castle opponents. If castle in a peaceful area, the preparation (time) is longer. Example: Peace - 12 hours / No Peace - 6:00

    • After the war, the participants can not declare war again (between them) for some time, 72 hours, 7 days, etc.

    With the introduction of war - anyone can attack anyone when he wants and where he wants and will not be punished. At the same time players know from who to run and with who lead battles.
    These are only orientations that I can think of at the moment. It can always develop better idea

    2 - Penalty system.

    Here my idea is if someone kills for certain time (72 h), for example 10 players his name become red. To change the color again back to neutral, it must pass a certain time, depending on how many players he killed.

    • If you kill 5 to 9 players in interval 72 hours, then your name becomes blue
    • If you kill 10 or more players in the interval 72 hours, then your name becomes red.

    To regain a neutral color, it must pass e a certain time without killing anyone.

    • blue - then any killing = 4 hours (max 9 * 4 = 36 hours without the murders).
    • red - then any killing = 5 hours (10 * 5 = 50 hours .... 100 * 5 = 500;)).

    Red color - someone sees it will know that its dangerous and has warned. Also, red color, can be attacked and killed in peaceful areas without being considered a punishment for the other player.

    3. Areas:

    • Peaceful and non-peaceful -

    Non-peaceful - Nobody is protected. In these areas can not build simple dominium just special, wich have a greater range and have a hight defense and hit points.

    Peaceful - You can not kill players (unless their name is red) and I can not attack the castle . The only way to attack the castle is when declaring war. Dominium: less defend and hit points

    it's a small part of big plan, just as a guideline. Everything's example, just to understand the idea...

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    @Hangfire yes, there are many more players ... but it's slow ... I have to go around everybody. So far I have mark 247 players on the east coast. :) I also marked some large water

    As for the names, that's why I do not write them (+ and -) ...

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    Hahahah - I lost 2 balista trying to get to the chest. And for what....this loot. Just not worth it, but it has nothing else to do.

    p.p. Thank you S7N for parts for half balista :)

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    These proposals do not require a big change in the game mechanics and can be implemented without large generators problems for developers, but it will make the game more interesting. Currently the game is to make the house and raising crops.

    1.) Currently, most players run around the map naked with a bucket and primitive tools (stone). The reason is that iron and steel tools do not provide a lot of benefits - except a little faster digging. Benefit from better tools and weapons must be strengthened to force players to use better tools. This is one proposal how to do this.

    2.) The same should be applied to clothing and armor. Besides protection to provide and less spending stamina. Naked - faster spending of stamina and so on.

    *all numbers are examples

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    Here is a map :)
    link text

    In the game press "P" and above the left you'll see the coordinates. Must be introduced in the "Sheet 1" and under will see X and Y. In "Sheet 2" interceptions and "X" and "Y" and see where you are now.

    p.s. This is a map with some lakes and rivers - not all

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    I will try to explain indicator for food and what to eat, how much and in what order, to fill the food indicator.0_1471198798442_food-indi-01.png
    Everything is based on observations and calculations. Whether I'm right, only developers can say :)

    Part 1 - Food indicator

    When performing actions (digging, riding, building, logging, hunting and so on.) Is used stamina. If the indicator of stamina is full, then the indicator of food is not reduced. It decreased only when the indicator of stamina is not complete in order to fill it.

    To accept that the food indicator is divided into 100 (pips or %). Each pip can charge 5 times every 5 seconds, in certain amounts of stamina. The more a full is the indicator for food, the more amounts of stamina is filled, every pip. This means that if food indicator is full, he can charged 500 times (100pips x 5), while stamina indicator is not full. To empty food inidcator from 100 to 0 will take about 41 minutes, continually action.

    When the food indicator is filled:

    From 0 to 20 (pips) - filled with 1 stamina x 5 times(on 5 sek.) = 5 stamina every pip (on 25 sek)
    21-40 with 2 (stamina) on 5 sek
    41-60 with 4 stamina on 5 sek
    61-80 with 6 stamina on 5 sek
    81-100 with 10 stamina on 5 sek


    *In principle when the food indicator is full (100 pips) then full 10 stamina, every 5 seconds. It should once the food indicator falls below 80, the filling of stamina must fall to 6. Below 60 pips - 4 stamina and so on. But sometimes it does, sometimes falling to 10 pips and still filled with 10 stamina every 5 seconds. It may be a bug or there could be something I can not understand :)

    Part 2 - The Food

    Food is divided into types / categories.
    Apple and grape are one category. If you can eat 5 pieces, it must be either apples or grapes or both but the sum should not exceed 5 pieces.

    This is a graph of the types of foods:

    1.) With this amount will fill the food indicator when you eat the maximum amount of this type of food (see point - 3)
    2.) Horizontal shown main food and below them, what can and what can not be consumed after having consumed the maximum amount of a main food.
    3.) The maximum amount that can be eaten from this kind of food
    4.) When no red outline, this means that after eating maximum amount of the main meal, in this case bread, this type of food can be consumed (apple).
    5.) When there is a red outline, this means that after eating maximum amount of the main meal, in this case bread, this type of food can not consume (wheat).


    These are some variants on how to fill the food indicator to 100.

    1. For the early stages of the game
      *As you can see from the image, you can choose the type of food. Example, carrot and pumpkin. Either one or the other, maybe a little of both

    2. At an advanced stage of the game



    ** At full food indicator, you can explore the entire map without stop. Also will not have to use water to fill stamina. For this I recommend to fill indicator to 100 and keep it a full or at least above 70-80. When the food indicator fall and see that stamina is filled with less than 10, then eat the same food from the food you filled indicator.*

    Example: number 1
    Apple - 12 / Meat - 4 / Carrot - 15 / Wheat - 51 / Egg - 9 ( FULL - 100 pips)

    -take with you from all foods, but less
    Apple - 5 / Meat 2 / Carrot 6 / Wheat 20 / Egg 4
    to be able to fill, which would have to eat all kinds of food

    p.s. There may be some inaccuracies. If anyone knows anything more or see incorrect, let say to fix it ;)

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    it is an alpha version and now is the time for testing. While find a the golden mean ... :)

    Point 8:
    Skill Blacksmithing, level 3 - Copper knife - recipe level 3

    When we produce items to the same level as the skill, average quality of the item should be 100%. . Now average quality is around 89-91 (from 100 items). Even 15 levels of the skill above recipe many often receive items below 100% quality.

    Is why I suggest one variant: (numbers are exemplary, the idea is important)

    Skill Blacksmithing, level 3 - Copper knife - recipe level 3 ---> avg. quality = 100%

    Blacksmithing 0 (-7-8-9.. level) = avg. quality  = 70%
    Blacksmithing 0 (-6 level) = avg. quality  = 70%
    Blacksmithing 0 (-5 level) = avg. quality  = 75%
    Blacksmithing 0 (-4 level) = avg. quality  = 80%
    Blacksmithing 0 (-3 level) = avg. quality  = 85%
    Blacksmithing 1 (-2 level) = avg. quality  = 90%
    Blacksmithing 2 (-1 level) = avg. quality  = 95%
    -Blacksmithing 3 (recipe  3 - 0 level) = avg. quality  = 100%
    Blacksmithing 4 (+1 level) = avg. quality  = 100-105%
    Blacksmithing 5 (+2 level) = avg. quality  = 105-110%
    Blacksmithing 6 (+3 level) = avg. quality  = 110-115%
    Blacksmithing 7 (+4 level) = avg. quality  = 115-120%
    Blacksmithing 8 (+5 level) = avg. quality  = 120-125%
    Blacksmithing 9 (+6 level) = avg. quality  = 130-135%
    Blacksmithing 10 (+7 level) = avg. quality  = 140-145%
    Blacksmithing 11 (+8 level) = avg. quality  = 145-150%
    Blacksmithing 12 (+9 level) = avg. quality  = 145-150%
    Blacksmithing 13 (+10 level) = avg. quality  = 145-150%


    Yet one thing is important to pay attention. When made objects (bronze knife) level above skill (eg 5-6 levels) then the item is of average quality 60-65. In this case items (a copper knife 100% quality) gives more chance of success and is unnecessary to make a more good items (copper ---> bronze), while the level of skill not pass the level of the recipe.

    one solution:

    If a copper knife with a 100% quality gives 70% success, the worst quality bronze knife also must gives 70% success.
    The worst Iron knife must give success = success of 100% bronz knife quality
    The worst Stell knife must give success = success of 100% iron knife quality

    Currently, this equates to a bronze knife with a quality 78% (this must be a minimum quality of bronze knife)
    Iron knife 70 - min quality
    Stell knife 64 - min quality

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    One of the big problems to make it difficult, not impossible, the orientation is that the map is very uniformly(Angrrrry please do not try to confess that it is not:) ) and there are not many marks to remember. There are actually 2 main terrains that are everywhere (desert and grass).

    Because the terrain increases and decreases automatically, depending on the players, and can not be pre-created, if add some things that do not occur very often or have a great distance between, such as abandoned buildings or large, unique rock formations, large fallen trees, ruins and so on (whichcan not be destroyed) will improve orientation. Adding different terrains (for example several types of green and deserts - and divided into territories) will also greatly improve orientation , but you need to make terrains more important. Certain objects appear on certain terrains.


    • Clay is found in a large amount only near water and the terrain is deserted. If the terrain is grassy and there is water there is very small amount.

    • You find a desert terrain and you know there are lots of ore, while in others it is very minimal.

    • Or trees can only grow on grassy terrain (may be set, defined grassy, if there are several).

    And now it is, but to must develop much more the importance of the terrain.

    The idea of marking is good (but not a single mark). It is possible to introduce marking plate, as each player is entitled to example, 5. Makes and puts it. Once they have placed, sit for a certain time (for example week). After the time they start to self-destruct and can be broken by other players. Also, in the options can add which mark are visible. To friends, castles, house or marking plate. In order not to get a screen full of arrows.

    These are small examples, just for direction and ideas. As for the lack of co-ordinates, and with the current data can determine who is where.

    If I have sample data: for example these 822c2fo rld:35370 I can tell where it is on the map and get there... directly

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    @Hoks There are some good players (I thank them very) who have provided access to: press, loom, houses with bonuses and ...
    The map is still very monotonous and can easily go wrong. Not all are well oriented...

    In this version (pic in forum), the map only shows newcomers where most territories are located. To find a place for their castles

    basically the map is active and I know where I am anytime. Where is everyone (can not add everyone to a team or a guild :)). And where are free loom, press and etc. Why I should remember, as I can see :)

    I do it for myself and it makes me very easy and helpful, so I share it. at least a small part (for now)...

    I do not want to add more data, here in the forum and I do not give access to activ map.

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