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    Is the game dead?
    For months, there is not much news about the development of the game ...
    no one writes anything or just the forum is dead

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    Here's a little more detailed
    Аll numbers are exemplary

    So, you can develop everything, but if you want to be better in something, you have to choose one.
    Can combine several battle/craft titles and become a master.
    There will be a variety of battles. Archers, spearmen, swordsmenс, with mace... and everyone will have a role.
    Some will be master craftsmen in the making of swords or mace, others in light armor or hevy, another in houses making.
    There will be variety and other benefits...


    • You can have 5 titles at a time. There may be active 3 and the other 2 are activated by raising the level of the intelligence.

    • Titles level over real time once activated.

    • The skills and abilities still need to be leveled.

    • When a title is deactivated, it will lose 10 levels for combat titles, 100 for industry titles.

    • When a title is deactivated, it will lose levels over real time at the same speed as it would gain it.

    • Titles are split in categories:

      Physical: weapon, armor…
      Industry: crafting, gathering…
      General: various utility titles.


    • Harvesting titles will increase the speed and efficiency of gathering.

    • Skinning will increase in speed and have better odds.

    • Crafting titles will passively increase the durability of produced items.

    • You cannot craft anything without a title.

      Example: if you want to make leather items, you'll have to put a title of leatherworking. 
    • Any recipe will require a certain level of titled leatherworking.

      Bandage – need level 1 title leatherworking…
    • When select title, its first level depends of the skill level. Each hour raises / decreases one point.

           Skill           title			  
      Leatherworking	Leatherworking 	Needed hours to 100 
      1-9	              1              	99
      10-19	             15	                75
      20-29	             30	                70
      30-39	             45	                55
      40-49	             60	                40
      50                   75	                25
    • Combat title

    • They provide passive buffs that grow linearly over title level.

    • When a combat title is deactivated:

    • It loses 10 levels instantly.

    • It loses all benefits instantly.

    • All skills the title unlocked become locked again.

    • You still need to level the skills.

    • Deactivating a title does not impact the skills level.

    • You can still use all weapon types, even without the title

    • Melee/Range weapon titles bonuses are:

      +6% damage
      +6% attack speed
      +6% stamina efficiency
      • Unlocks some active abilities:

        Swift Strikes => Title Swordsmanship lvl 15
        Hit in the legs => Title Axe Fighting lvl 15








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    To developers:

    Do you think(intention) the titles will be anything more than a title? To provide any bonuses and so on...

    there could be:
    Harvesting, Skinning, Crafting, Combat titles...

    Crafting titles - increase the durability of items or else
    Harvesting titles - increase the speed and efficiency of gathering and so on...

    it is only a question and guidelines, without any concrete proposals. If they develop. then concrete suggestions and ideas can be given

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    I will tell you what will be answered ...

    enter a guild (if small, choose bigger), up skills, select easy server ...

    Regrettably, there are no mechanisms to escape from such a battle (from any battle). you can not escape from two players, what's left for more. If they attack you, you just look at how you're dying ...

    After 3-4 months there will be 2-3 bigger guilds and they will chase the wind.

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    Twice happen to dig and a few seconds later, another appears nearby. May be a coincidence, but I think that at any given time there is a certain number and when one dig, another appears, somewhere. I just do not know if you dig in one Disputable lands, it appears somewhere in the same or in another...

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    One thing in the game always seemed ridiculous to me. The naked people, running back and forth, with a minning pick, an ax, and so on. and not those who first enter the game :) Still a surviving game, but in the winter they run naked. hahahah ...

    Suggestions as guidelines ...

    1- The clothes give some bonus (for example, survival). It starts from (figuratively) 100 and rises and decreases. When you are without clothes at 50.
    depending on the bonus survival, the saturation is spent differently. If 100 gets 10 points of saturation. At 50 to take 20. To 150 to take 5. At the set time.

    it may also require more food to fill the saturation. depending on the skill level of "survival"

    So when you're naked, you will need more food and spend more. Different types of bumpers give a different bonus. Heavy armor will give a little. Yet it takes more energy to carry;)



    the other absurdity is the lifting of the fighting skills. clamping deer. hitting boars and waiting to hit us to raise the level of protection, and so on. It's strange to see how someone (and I) has stuck a deer and hitting it.


    1- a training dummy. has a certain life. and gives points to combat skills. Of course, much less than fighting animals or people.
    Scarecrows(Knight Statue) can be used for the first time. Scarecrow has less life. The dreadful scarecrow has more life...

    *each has levels. To receive a bonus, you must be at least the same level *

    Scarecrows (1) -  1-10 - over level 10 does not give a bonus - bonus only give stone, copper weapons
    Dreadful scarecrow (10) - 10-20. over level 20 does not give a bonus  - bonus only give copper and bronze weapons.
    Knight Statue(20) - 20+ bonus only give the iron and steel weapons.

    or a different combination. asborb and etc.

    Armor - when you hit a target to give points to the armor, not only when they hit you. Еxperience has also gained from wearing.You hit the scarecrow and give you a small part to the armor. . much less than you hit animal or player.

    maybe something else, it's all about guiding, changing someone so to say ridiculous moments in the game

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    @Daryelle said in Related Recipes:


    this would make it much easier ... until then, use this calculator ...

    Sheet: Items
    From the drop down menu (items) select material. On the right will come out every skill and what can be done with the selected material. In avalible enter the amount you have, you will see exactly how many pieces you can create with it.

    Sheet: Recipe
    1- From the drop down menu (skill) select skill.
    2- From the drop down menu (recipe) select recipe.
    2- From the menu (amount) select amount you need to craft

    .Sheet: Skill Levels
    Is for Ignos server. for each server is different - Fill in the green fields / there is more to add and improve, so I did not release it officially

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    @Angrrrry Every 24 hours you get a quest. which you can cancel and get another in its place, but if you cancel it, you have to wait 24 hours. like 3 quick and temporary, highlight temporary, suggestions, because the heroes have no levels...

    1 - depending on the domino -

    a) a small - more green and a little yellow
    b) big - a little yellow and red and more yellow
    d) great - no cabbage, more red and a little yellow

    2 - depending on skill levels - to say basic skills (6) -the overall skill level is divided into 6

    5 + 15 + 10 + 8 + 20 + 14 = 92/6 = 15 ...
    1-10 / green
    11-20 / slightly green, mostly yellow
    21-30 / yellow, a little red

    3 - have bookmarks and which bookmarks are marked to give out of this kind of quest...


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    @Jmschmidt as I wrote, I do not complain ... I have over 660 hours in the game and I know what to do, just for the new players it will be difficult. On other servers it gives green quest and that's why I asked is different in this one. However, the quest give variety in the game and it is good to be consistent with player level, but as Nightmare said, is still in the test period.

    @Nightmare In this line of thought, .... there are some tasks that ... for example, to make scarecrows ... 5-6 times I get this and cancel it because the scarecrows are only for decoration and I do not need but when I can not to cancel it I do and break it. Think about this aspect of the quest, to be more interesting and not have to be canceled. There are other such quest, but the quest are a good addition and variety... keep going :)

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    @Angrrrry I was just going to ask about the missions. Yesterday I started on Ignos. After finish tutorial mision, on next day (today:) ) I received my first daily mission - yellow difficulty. Craft cement... 35lv stoneworking...glue...lime and ...
    it's a bit difficult when you just started and most skills are not developed. I cancel it and got another yellow (Stone roar) ... it's not impossible and I'm not complaining, but is not it better to start with a simple mission or on this server is hard :)?

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    @Hoks There are some good players (I thank them very) who have provided access to: press, loom, houses with bonuses and ...
    The map is still very monotonous and can easily go wrong. Not all are well oriented...

    In this version (pic in forum), the map only shows newcomers where most territories are located. To find a place for their castles

    basically the map is active and I know where I am anytime. Where is everyone (can not add everyone to a team or a guild :)). And where are free loom, press and etc. Why I should remember, as I can see :)

    I do it for myself and it makes me very easy and helpful, so I share it. at least a small part (for now)...

    I do not want to add more data, here in the forum and I do not give access to activ map.

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    @Hangfire yes, there are many more players ... but it's slow ... I have to go around everybody. So far I have mark 247 players on the east coast. :) I also marked some large water

    As for the names, that's why I do not write them (+ and -) ...

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    is not complete. There are marked only 85 players (so far I have seen only that)... I do not write the names of the players and where they are...if there is a desire and not much against, I can add them...



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    I basically write questions that concern all players. Someone I took from the forum, others from the chat. Once in a single place, it will be easier for the players. In this line of thought, it would be good to respond well to help all the players.

    One of the problems in the game is the lack of information. I do not know whether it is deliberately wanted to be so and players themselves to find information or just developers no time, but when the title, the developer, is sitting under your name, you have to take things a little more seriously. Try to be more careful next time :)


    It's a little difficult to figure out what question you answered  for this reason I have placed the number. So I apologize if I ask again, but I do not understand something

    Q1 ? I just ask if there will be a button for the future and I gave a few examples

    Q2 ? I ask for PvE but it concerns PvP - I use the right button, but you run away from the essence of the question. If you do not know the answer, just skip it. if you do not understand Q, ask...

    Q15 ? I do not know what the answer is. If 5, then: it is not a matter of caution. I died from one hit, and I have a full life... stay or die ... in both cases you are dying ... a restriction without the right to choose

    Q16? I do not know what the answer is. If 4, then: I give an example with Hunting Bow because it has the longest time. it can be an ax or a mining pick, and it's about PvE and PvP. so do not tell me what to avoid and what not to do. If you do not know how to answer, just skip.

    Q18? it is obvious that it is forbidden. I do not see a reason to brake auto equip option. Just as while, time is running, may be marked differently (slot) and when it has finished switching auto equip option... can this be done?

    Q19? I'm talking about ... if they change something, it will be so inconceivable that it can not be seen and that's why I ask and again, if you do not know how to answer, just skip.

    Q20? I do not know what the answer is

    Q21 What is clear, I have not asked about it, it is so clear. I ask specifically about things that are not very clear.

    -c: except that (example) in the information of the bronze ax writes, that it is 110% quality, then decreases even more so or second actually real percent of success, so to speak? this only affects the harvesting of resources(craft, building) or the damage it causes? personally, I know very well how much it is decreasing - Stone-50 Copper-58 Bronze-72 Iron-100 Steel-120

    -d: aha, so Is a static bonus or can be raised with some skill (Combat Skills)? I only realized that the armor reduced this bonus.

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    1 - Addition to Question 1 - Avoidance may be a matter of tactics, desire or choice. I do not think it is right for a player to be restricted by this ability. But this is another topic.I'm talking about: Several times happen while doing some action and wolf (bear...) attacking me. I can not get on the horse and I can not escape. In this case 99% (figurative) I'm dead because I have no choice ...

    Q:Can we somehow avoid battles in which we do not wish to participate and are not involved in our desire?

    2 - Addition to Question 2: I give a good example of why ... I want to start a fight with a bow, but I did not aim precisely and my character goes to the target (maybe you did not put your bow). In this way, you are approaching the target and she either runs or attacks you before shooting.It is also about other actions. Being able to use WASD but not in any case ...

    Q:  Will there be a button to interrupt the action?

    15 - Linked to question 1: Several times happen, by accident and then I did a few attempts - in battle and want to run with the horse - I start get on a horse and then the boar, the bear or the wolf kill me with one stroke, and my life is 90-100.

    Q: Is this a bug or a constraint again that you can not run from battle?

    16 - Linked to question 2: Shooting with a hunting bow takes you 3 sec. It often happens to me, inadvertently to hit the attack button and have to wait for 3 seconds. and if you do it in battle,you sit and wait for 3 seconds while they beat you. Also, when I aim, but the target moves and you shoot in vain.

    Q: Why can not break action (aim)?

    17 - When you hit with a weapon or combat skill, a vertical gray field beginning to fall, which has time. Since it's vertical on halfway, time is already hidden, and as the gray field has reached almost the bottom, it looks like it's over, but it is not and you can not do any action (to change weapons, to use again the same), which leads to others problems... question 18 ...

    Q: Why not make the field circular? - this way, the remaining time will not hide0_1513334694975_weapon_time.png

    18 - When hit with a weapon and hit complete, began to run time to the next hit. During which you can not perform any action (not to interrupt him) neither to move nor change weapon. Example: hunting bow - Once you have shot your arrows, you are waiting and because you can not change at that time another weapon, if accidentally (which happens often --> Q17) press the attack button, wait 3 seconds again, while they beat you and you can not move.

    Q: Why can not you change your weapon while you wait for a next stroke and will you be able to in future?

    19 - Combat Skills:
    Q-a: In addition to unlocking abilities, do other bonuses and what are they?
    Q-b: And if so, how we can understand what and how much?

    20 - Why is there no information in the information of the armor, how much does the reduce a weapon damage and will it be in the future?

    21 - Summary - What do the following mean:

    a) fame level - what it serves ?
    b) deaths amount - does anyone see it and does it matter except statistics?
    c) hatchet (weapon) - what does that percentage mean?
    d) damage - 1: What does that percentage mean, percent of the weapon damage (18-35) - see picture? 2: Combat Skills does it influence ? (Q19)
    e) defence - what does that percentage mean?

    0_1513334670305_stats.png !

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    Some questions are about whether something will be added, not when

    1 - When you bleed, why the job is interrupted or why can not get on the horse? (please, no answer and example with real life)

    2 - Is there an interruption button, for example: I run / ride and want to stop without pointing or shooting with a bow while charging I want to stop and not to wait for shooting or other actions?

    3 - Will it be added, when applied to the material in a recipe, to open the recipe of material?

    4 - Will there be information that shows how much time remains until the completion of the process (buildings)?

    5 - Does a higher level of perception affect other resources, than to see honey and big clay. For example, do we see more mines, nests, animals, and so on?

    6 - The levels of some skills, for example, logging (mining ...), besides the fact that larger trees can be cut off, does it also influence in another way, for example, increase the amount of harvested material ?

    7 - When cutting wood, the better tool (ax) gives you more resources or just a better chance of success? - as well as other tools, mining pick , sickle, shovel...

    8 - Does the higher level of mining provide a bonus, for example, to see more resources or only to be able to extract ore from a higher level?

    9 - Only pre-finished buildings give certain bonuses?

    10 - If 9 is YES, and we make our own building, will it add special items wich to put in the building and give certain bonuses?

    11 - Do you have to be in a building to get the bonus, for example, for more insight?

    12 - If we make two identical buildings, will the bonus accumulate? 10% + 10% = 20%

    13 - When get off the horse and shoot at once, you swing with the pick and so on. without moving, always hitting the horse, will that change?

    14 - Will add, return some of the materials when destroying buildings as it is for some items?

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    One of the big problems to make it difficult, not impossible, the orientation is that the map is very uniformly(Angrrrry please do not try to confess that it is not:) ) and there are not many marks to remember. There are actually 2 main terrains that are everywhere (desert and grass).

    Because the terrain increases and decreases automatically, depending on the players, and can not be pre-created, if add some things that do not occur very often or have a great distance between, such as abandoned buildings or large, unique rock formations, large fallen trees, ruins and so on (whichcan not be destroyed) will improve orientation. Adding different terrains (for example several types of green and deserts - and divided into territories) will also greatly improve orientation , but you need to make terrains more important. Certain objects appear on certain terrains.


    • Clay is found in a large amount only near water and the terrain is deserted. If the terrain is grassy and there is water there is very small amount.

    • You find a desert terrain and you know there are lots of ore, while in others it is very minimal.

    • Or trees can only grow on grassy terrain (may be set, defined grassy, if there are several).

    And now it is, but to must develop much more the importance of the terrain.

    The idea of marking is good (but not a single mark). It is possible to introduce marking plate, as each player is entitled to example, 5. Makes and puts it. Once they have placed, sit for a certain time (for example week). After the time they start to self-destruct and can be broken by other players. Also, in the options can add which mark are visible. To friends, castles, house or marking plate. In order not to get a screen full of arrows.

    These are small examples, just for direction and ideas. As for the lack of co-ordinates, and with the current data can determine who is where.

    If I have sample data: for example these 822c2fo rld:35370 I can tell where it is on the map and get there... directly

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    @Angrrrry as I said this is just an example ... the idea is to return materials and not to raise level.
    As for the levels, tell me for stoneworks: what you're going to do... hunders stone lions?
    or after carpentry 30 levels what you do, hundreds of scarecrows?...

    Тhe questions is rhetorical and it's not about crafting and level...there is a lot to change in carft/farming to become good/fun (and not boring/pointless) with time it will be and learn to accept constructive criticism, it is for good.

    Yes, I know for a time that it is not easy to add, but writing the time cycle is easy to do (is not variable), just info...and will greatly facilitate farming

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    1 - Return part of the materials.

    Need when destroy some items: wooden, stone or other (no metal) some part from materials to be returned, as for metal items Forge (does it work?)

    Example: Our carpentry is 22 level. To raise it to a 23 level, we need to craft many unnecessary objects / parts. Example choose "Timber House Hight Corner Slope". We need to craft average 50 pieces,so for them we need: 200 staves - 500 Rough Planks - 100 Logs - 50 copper nails. It is clear that we do not need 50 pieces, so it is good when destroy them, we back some of the material (eg 10%), and that % may change depending on some skill or characteristic.

    Yes we do not have to craft the same items, but however different they may be, a great deal of them will be unnecessary. Just to up level...

    That we have mentioned many times, but it is very important. The unnecessary actions, as well difficulty, makes the games boring...

    Carpentry Level: 22 --->23 / Bronze Axe: Quality 100

    2 - Farming
    It would be a good idea to put a time cycle on the farm as well as in some buildings. Also, a timer can be put on, as on It would be a good idea to put a time cycle on the farm as well as in some buildings. Also, a timer can be put on, as on added a timer for receiving quests.


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