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    In the "upcoming" taming very short description, there is no mention of getting pets to fight/guard you. There should be an option to make your pet fight, possibly either with a minimum taming level or another skill that allows pets to fight/protect for you (like in Ultima Online). If adding another skill or even using taming each level(s) increase could add more pet attacks or simply add more damage to them.

    If we are just going to have taming to show off pets/get mounts, I don't believe it will be that great.

    I don't know how long I have been playing other than when the game was first released, there is no /played!

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    @Angrrrry said in Idead / Suggestions on new Taming system:

    @Sigvid Thank you for this idea. We are at the step 1 of step 4 about complete pet-mount-taming system reworking. (Talking about yesterday update) I suggest looking at the results first then suggesting something based on what we will make. It's almost impossible to change these plans already, because several people did separate job about it and now we have to combine it in one thing. Thank you for understanding.

    I am checking it out now, however I am confused at what point you are referring to? All of my suggestions seem viable to me,. but as I am not on the dev team (also is there an application for that, on my other post I showed interest as well) I'm not sure what you mean. Other than the UI thing, I can make it for you. But what was pre-planned out already? I've been searching the forums and can't find the next steps of taming, only the first one and this:

    *The first stage of the Taming skill has been implemented, which will be used to catch and tame animals.
    Instead of Trap for birds in the craft was added a Small game trap.
    Throw a trap in any small animals, including foxes and catch them after the trap slows them down.
    If you are lucky (the chance of success depends on the level of skill), the wild pet will get to you inventory.
    At the moment, pets can only be skinned, in the future will be implemented domestication.

    A new building has been added - Stables, all your mounts will be safely stored here.
    Saddle the caught animal and place him in the stables. Your horse is "packed" into an item that can be dragged into inventory, called at the right time, or thrown to the ground for exchange with other players.
    Item for summoning a purchased animal can also be taken to the Stables for empty the cells in the inventory.
    Animals in the stable are only accessible to you and are not lost when the stable is destroyed.
    You can also get access to your mounts through someone else's stable, if you have access to the locks of his dominium.*

    Do you care to reveal steps 2, 3, and 4? Or why my ideas will not work (and specifically what ones and why? I may be of great help)

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    First off, I agree with the "Idea", bough mounts shouldn't die, but should at LEAST have a long wait time till re-use.

    Glad to hear you're remaking it completely. As of the lastest update we can catch small animals/foxes but thy become an inventory item (I know this is just a placeholder) with skinning allowed, hopefully with the next update (or in a couple updates at least) we can take out a pet maybe even have a separate (NOT inventory) "Pet's window that also holds the "pet/item""

    I would really like to see these features with the new taming system since its being reworked entirely.

    1. A new UI for pets (or at least chat / commands for a placeholder until UI is made) with Passive / Aggressive / Kill/Attack (then pick target) / Guard mode (protects you) / Guard player (follows and protects another player OR tamed pet, until they go to far away then the pet returns in Passive mode (with a notification saying "Your pet has returned from (player/pet) because the distance was too far.).
      I know the UI is a while to make so for now it'd be easy to do chat commands, /passive, /petkill (then a cursor comes up and you click on what to "attack", ect...

    2. To make pets not static and boring have a stat system for pets (some are stronger but less defence) ect.. RND (within certain limits for pets) this would GREATLY increase the pet market, and the need to find the "perfect" pet.

    3. Pet spawns, some pets like the cold (once you update your map with cold/desert (or "hot") mountains ect... yo could make certain pets only spawn there so it's an adventure to prepare for and not just "oh I came across (animal) time to tame,

    4. You should have sub-species of pets, e.g. "Wolf", "Black Wolf" (likes caves harder to find ect..)

    Keep up the good work!

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