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    Hello , I have 350 hours in this game already , My choosen combat skills around 47 , crafting skills are (bs ,lw ) around level 35 - 40 ,im almost at endgame content (working on noble dominium upgrade) where it gets kinda boring for me . So i decided to make some suggestions for a better gaming experience .

    • First off all , sepererating game servers as PVE/PVP might not good for this game. coz most of players wants to experience both , but don't want to deal with griefers and offline raids at their dominium . Maybe it can be somethink like this ;

    --Hardcore : %100 PvP zones / No safe Areas
    --Normal : %50 PvP zones / Only housing Areas are Safe
    --Softcore: %10 or no PvP zones / All safe

    If you try to do somethink like this give players 1 free migration to server they want , so there will be no player lose .

    • Please add the game more pve encounters and more valuebles in return ( loot ) . When i go to hunt at corrupted lands , i got 1 loot ( sometimes a blue tool or iron armor , sometimes just small premium scroll or a stat scroll , which its wortless atm. ) from 6-7 monsters and wasting too much arrow and gear but there is not enough loot in return. And they are really hard to kill at high levels . (Hard means it takes time not impossible )

    I know you are planing to add caves , dungeons etc . but i think there is long way till there.
    -- Add small camps to jungles with 3-5 mobs
    -- Add some chalenge to some of the godsends , Spawn godsend with 3 monster for more loot ( somethink like %50 more loot from that godsend )
    -- Add more loot table to monsters at corrupted lands
    -- Add some treasure maps to monsters at corrupted lands ( It must be harder then daily treasure hunt )
    -- Since there is no map we need some landmarks ,, add some ruins , key stones , passages to map so we know where we are at. Looking at coordinates all the time is hard .

    • About animal taming , it looks really fun , but it should be harder to level it .
      -- Add some Rare Animals for taming and hunting .
      -- Even some rare/different colored horses , wolfs etc. to make it more appealing. .
      --Please add spawn zones with mobs , like in Ultima Online , for very rare animals and mounts . This challenge will make animal taming more importent and
      people can group up for hunting and taming animals for better rewards . And sell them for good prices ofc .

    • For Crafting , im really enjoying it .
      -- Add more customization options for how characters look .
      -- Add more colors (atleast for capes) , we can make them from flowers or vegetables etc .
      -- Some rare colors only high end crafters can make . (maybe with spices)
      -- Some color options for light armors maybe ? (Leather Dye)
      -- Add more decorative furniture for crafters
      -- Some cosmetic clothing options like robes , tabards can be good .

    • For trades , I know its hard to add citys atm , but there are some other options
      -- Make a safe trading area for our front shops with limited spots ( Make us bid for it weekly like in castles )
      -- Give us more slots for auction house

    • About combat and client :
      -- Its a lil bit clunky at current state but i know you are working on that .
      -- Whenever some other player gets in to my screen im lagging for a moment . This is a big problem .
      -- .Please add more weapon options soon , nobody wants to fight with a pan or a pick axe all the time (= Add stuff like maces ,maybe warhammers for Macefighting..
      -- Add more weapons to Fencing , some daggers , short spears , rapiers might work.

    • About Castles
      -- Please add a minimum player number for guilds who bids on castles . So 1 player guilds can't get them . Atleast 5 or 10 member should require for this.

        (updated )

    Sorry for my broken english , not my native language (=
    I know some of this already at your agenda but i hope the other ones can help.

    Please state your thoughts ,i will continue to do this . Thanks !

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  • skeng

    I don't get it . Isn't it going to lower population of current pve servers now ? ( which is lil bit low already ) And do you have plans for current PvE servers make better or you just going to make new servers ?

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  • skeng

    @Nightmare I know its kinda weird to ask you this but , are you sure its %100 chance ? I killed some demonic and bloody bears but no brains sometimes ..

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  • skeng

    @ZhaoKuro It depends on how much damaged the item. You just have to repair quality ones , otherwise just make a new one i guess .

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  • skeng

    I know survavil is 10 , gathering is 20 but i can't find any other info about max skill levels . How much are the other ones ? Thanks

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