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    Buen trabajo. Le sugiero que hable también sobre el cuero endurecido que se hace con cola y un caldero.

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    Para secar el lino, debe ir en el menú de construcciones y crear un montón de linho. Se debe construir en el suelo como cualquier estructura. Lo montón de linho es inicialmente del color verde. Después de unas horas, quedará amarilla y podrá ser cosechada nuevamente.

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    Thank you for your reply. It was exactly what I was expecting to read.

    I see, so allowing all players to level up all skills is just for testing purposes. Makes all sense.
    This way, you can have feedback of all skills from all players.

    Hopefully we'll see a skill system similar to what you guys did with stats at the official release. It surely will make the game better for all reasons I stated in my post.

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    • Vino: hacer jugo de uva con 50 usando uvas en una prensa para uvas; después, deje el jugo de uva en el barril por 12 horas.
    • Cidra: hacer jugo de manzana usando 50 manzanas en una prensa para uvas; después, deje el jugo de manzana en el barril junto con 1 uva pasa por 12 horas.

    Después, puede hacer vino caliente a partir del vino tinto si lo desea.çã
    Sólo tiene en portugués e inglés, pero creo que con la información que he dado ya consiga entender.

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    Oh noes! It's him again with some - not so - new crazy idea!
    Yea bois, skill cap.

    What's it?
    Simply put. Skill cap limits the amount of skills a player can have. A very known concept used in every game now and then, including Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies.
    UO, for instance, had a 700 skill cap while having more than 50 skills - 55 iirc. So you could master 7 out of 55 skills. A good chance to specialize in a role and be rewarded/recognised for it.

    Right now, everyone can max all skills, ruining the economy and teamwork potential, since everyone can create his own gear, food, houses, etc. Pretty much, every player, including myself, is a self-sufficient lone wolf. The only reason to tag along with other players is to zerg/siege/defend/attack.

    The Stats were a good start to add a "class/role" feel into the game, but something deeper is needed to create immersion, socialization and market/economy demands.

    Nobody will ever buy wood from other player when he can chop 20 trees down by himself. Now, a full warrior with a limited choice of skills would definetely be in need of assistance to gather some timber and other materials/items.
    The same principle applies even to full crafters who might need charcoal/iron from miners or leather from hunters. After all, it's dangerous to go alone out there to hunt and mine in red zones being a crafter with no/low combat skills.

    Some thoughts
    Lets remind some points about the actual skill system that we know so far before we start:

    • There are 12 crafting skills (including Gather, Survival and the recently added, Taming) and 9 combat skills.
    • Farming, Lumberjacking and Mining caps at 40 points.
    • Gather caps at 20 points.
    • Survival caps at 10 points.
    • Combat moves unlocks at 15 and 25
    • Armor (light/heavy) and Shield Mastery moves unlocks at 20.

    NOW... the idea - 450 skill cap
    To prevent players to be self-sufficient and promote cooperation and commerce between them, I suggest the following changes:

    • 450 skill points cap.
      This should be more than enough and would work just fine.
      It would allow one to have at least 9 maxed out skills out 21 skills existing in the game; one could be a full crafter, a full fighter or a hybrid. Also, one player could invest only 15-25 points in a skill to unlock a move or specialize in creating specific items at lower skill levels.
    • There should be an option to lock, increase or decrease skills, in a similar way to Stats, but only taking skill points in consideration, not XP points.
    • [OPTIONAL] Inteligence stat should influence skill cap.
      -/+10 points of skill cap to every 1 point in Inteligence below/above 5, A Inteligence 13 guy could essentially have 530 skill points (10 skills at 50 plus one at 30) while an Inteligence 1 dumb warrior would only have 370 points (7 skills at 50 plus one at 20).

    These changes, imo, have the potential to create a desirable balance and sense of purpose and role as it would require more thought and planning from players about what they want to do and who they want to be in the game.

    A guy with only a few crafting skills will have to choose very wisely what to level up. Therefore, full crafters would have a lot of space to shine, but having no combat skills/combat Stats means that they would be in need of escort, protection and assistance from other fighter players to gather/defend themselves.

    That's it for now. Please share your thoughts.

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    Next time, don't paste your key here, man. Someone else might use it before you or something.

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    I have a 100% cash mount myself so I don't even bother to use other mounts stored in my stable - have more than 20 horses and a wolf.
    Hopefully, the new taming mechanics will give us the chance to train animals, so we might have other uses of different animals, like a "tanky" mount vs. a faster one. It would require some thought in choosing a mount.

    Also, this post gave me an idea. Pretty simple, actually. Check here if interested.

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    Another idea for horses. This one concerns balance.

    I had an idea after see this post saying that cash mounts - reffered as "rare" - are kind of overpowered and ruins the horse trading since when you have one, you're pretty much sitting on it forever without never bother getting a new one.
    Also, on PvP, kill someone's horse is a valid tactic to prevent enemies to flee, switch positions fast, scouting, zoning, etc. Cash mounts turns this strategy into just a waste of time and resources (stamina, arrows...).

    So, here's my idea:

    When a cash mount dies, it would need to wait some time on cooldown in order to be summoned again as a message "Your mount is recovering for the next XXX seconds" pops up.
    Waiting time could be like 10 minutes and every point in Animal Taming skill would decrease it by 1% (so a player with 50 in Animal Taming would half the time).

    Bulky, armored and high HP horses would be more useful now, therefore more expensive, so every horse would have a chance to shine under different circumstances,

    Better yet, every cash mount has its own cooldown, so a player with multiple cash mounts would still be able to summon his/her other mounts while the dead ones are waiting to respawn. It would allow players that invests money to still having an advantage without being broken/OP. Also, now it would make sense to have more than one cash mount besides being a collector.

    That's it.

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    Here we go.

    Riding skill would be a skill that improves your mounted performance in and out combat. To level up the skill, you simply should use your mount, moving around the map. It would be an extremely hard skill to maximize, taking lots of time and travels.
    As most skills, it caps at 50 points.

    Every 1 point in Riding gives you:

    • +0.4% bonus (max. +20% at level 50) on mounted Movement Speed, on top of base mount speed. So a 100% mount would move at 120% move speed while a 80% mount at 96%.
    • +0.2% bonus in Defense and Dodge chance . Dodge chance is capped at 80% as usual.
    • +0.2 bonus in Damage using spears (max. +10 at level 50) New items (spears)/Spears skill should be added first so this could work properly, though, so you might forget this last part for now.

    Two usable moves:

    • At 15 skill level - "Tireless Gallop" - For the next 7 seconds, your sprinted movement will not use horse's/rider's Stamina.
    • At 25 skill level - "Horse Charge" - Runs 20% faster in a straight line, for the next 3 seconds. You can't switch direction and colliding with anything but a player will end the effect and put the skill on cooldown. If collides with another player, hits an instant blow with the weapon player have equipped doing regular weapon damage +50%.
      As a side-effect, player might got stunned if stumble on something.

    Also, I'm quite sure that you guys are already working on a similar idea of my following suggestion, but here it goes nonetheless.

    Mount types/breeds:
    It divides horses under 3 categories.

    • Beligerant - Improves rider's mounted damage.
    • Bulky - Improves rider's mounted Absorption and Defense.
    • Fast - Improves mounted Movement Speed and Dodge chance.

    All above horse types would have 5 levels, like tiers (such as equips: copper, bronze, iron, steel and noble), each rank giving a +1% bonus on the relevant skill.
    For instance, a Beligerant horse tier 5 would give +5% on players mounted damage while a Bulky horse tier 3 would give +3% on rider's mounted Absorption and Defense.
    A player will increase the animal level through breeding and training.

    Horse equipments:
    A horse of any type could be equipped with horse armors, light or heavy, saddles and horseshoes.

    • Saddles - Gives a bonus in Riding skill, depending on the quality. Saddle is needed to mounted combat, otherwise the player will get a penalty.
    • Horseshoes - Gives a bonus on mounted movement speed over pavimented tiles (it would add some functionality/utility to player made roads).
    • Light/heavy armor - Increases mount's HP/Defense, gives some bonus Defense and Absorption to the rider and reduces speed. Maybe -10% speed to light and -20% to heavy.

    Well, that's it for now. I'll wait and see the incoming taming patch before suggesting more awesome stuff. :)

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