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    I think it's a great idea, since they have not made big changes in wild terra and it's always the same map with no more to offer. They do not add more minerals or new targets like daily missions of subjugation of targets in disputed lands.

    The changes to the mounts just made it more complicated for new players, there should be battles in mounts and change the spear of weapon at a distance, to make it melee that would be more entertaining to use it for heavy armor.

    Implement the new material that would be sulfur and combine it with coal and limestone powder to create powder, and make iron munitions for the new remote weapon that would be the first Spanish muskets, which could be crafted with steel ingots to make steel cylinders , wooden planks to make the body of the weapon and cast iron and rope to make the lighter and the rope that triggers the weapon.

    Also new levels for the castles and as much as the new weapon of siege the cannon, implement maritime ports next to warships near the castles. They will tend to change the location of the castle and enlarge the map.

    Finally, it occurs to me at the moment is to make a city, so players can connect and can do missions together, a serious example by hunting the crazy alchemist or hunting hell dogs, each mission will be rewarded according to the level of difficulty.

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