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    Regular graphics looks nice and pretty, Simplified seems to be the only way to play unless you don't utilize some of the land within your walls. I was curious as to whether or not swapping between these two modes is a temporary fix or more of a permanent one. If its temporary then awesome! if its more permanent, I would like to suggest something else. The huge trees, walls, and other structures not only look good, but can serve as stealth in pvp. Instead of pressing a button to shrink every structure, why not make it so structures within 3 tiles of you turn transparent, and any overlapping structures when clicked would yield the option to use both structures (Like selecting a tree and it asking if you want to chop wood or gather saplings). I made two pictures as an example.
    In this picture I have unsimplified palisades, simplified palisades, and an idea of what im suggesting. The next link something I am more interested in.
    For simplified I can see behind all the trees :(, no more pretty trees and no element of surprise. There is no chance of a person behind the tree or bear. For unsimplified There is a huge mess of trees and I can't see what I'm doing, so its just hard to play in general. In what I'm suggesting, I can see everything I work with and all the trees further away remain up with something possibly hiding behind it.

    The main problem I see with the suggestion is the lack of sound. You can't hear a bear behind a tree idling, a person in armor making slight clang noises, or the slight brushing noise of clothes rubbing against it's self as an enemy walks. So I would only suggest the limitation of sight if more sound was added. If the sound is there but I just didn't notice it, my bad.

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