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    In fact, I play a lot longer than it's convenient. Play from 7am UTC to 12pm UTC. I'm not talking about raising the number of respaw, but randomizing the respaw time, avoiding that few players dominate the time of respaw and have an industrial volume of iron while others have none. My idea is more to facilitate the distribution of irons without ruining the trade

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    What I find annoying is Stats. Cant find any info on them except the tool drop down that says what you need to do to up the stat.

    • I think you have a lot more annoying things in the game, maybe because you're used to stats cap games.

    However, it doesn't tell me if the total is permanent and that if you want to get to 10 intelligence , you have to drop all others down. No where does it explain this nor what levels you need for each item.
    Someone told me I needed to be at 25 mining and 10 intelligence to find iron. No where can I find this info. What do I need to find honey?

    • You must have perception to find the honey. if you press k and go to stat tab and search for perception. letting your mouse over for some time will appear that information.

    Does the total EVER go up?

    • No, does not

    And what is the 13th stat. And what good does it do to up a stat for 1 hour?

    • If you are a tank with 12 vitality you can increase to 13 and have more life in battle
    • If you are a DPS you can increase strength and have more damage
    • If you are a ranger you for upar perception and give more critics
    • If you are crafter you can increase intelligence and make better items
      and so it goes

    These are the things that make me quit the game.

    • About this I do not know what to say... At most I can say that in time I got tired and I got angry. I have almost 800 hours played here. Tired a little mechanics and forget that the game is in beta, which means that a lot of things have to be balanced

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