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    Short answer is this game needs to take a couple 100 pages from Haven and Hearth. Walking around hoping you find a godsend that has the blueprint you need is not a horrible idea but it should not be the main way you learn how to craft new things. There should be a discovery system like in Haven. Find a new resource/item new blueprints become available. The tutorial and wiki that are supposed to help you understand the isn't even bare bone more like bone powder, I love the autoequip when ever there you need to change tools to craft different things but having to go back n for to the crafting menu to change the blueprint I want to use. A simple UI change that allows you to right click the item and choose the action would be much easier like Haven. Being able to hold a torch in one hand and a tool or weapon in the other is nice if I knew how to light the thing. I feel this could apply to one handed weapons and tools being able to dual equip as well. Another feature you could add would be a drag feature for large kills like wolves, bears, and deer in a situation where your inventory is full you can drag the body back home by right clicking the body and pressing the drag option or maybe a makeshift skid that you can put the body on to make it possible to move from place to place faster. . Objects like containers/chest etc should be able to be picked up and carried or pushed so that they can placed where the player feels it should be and it could use stamina. I also think this game would benefit from a walk/run/manual switch. Character stats should be more in depth than just skills. Max Health/Stamina should increase over time. The water looks depressing is all I can say about that should be added. I like the combat it's simple. Different status effects for injuries during combat that gives the player a chance to use bandages on the character. Bleeding is cool but by the time I go in my inventory to grab the bandage the bleeding has already stopped and the character has started healing. .

    UI overhaul to make crafting easier. Character should be able to interact more with the environment, that includes TERRAFORMING.. More Character Growth options. A Discovery System that allows players to learn new things without relying on finding a Godsend.. More in depth tutorial for new players and A LOT MORE TLC on the wiki. Make character equips more versatile. Negative status effects that can prevent the character from fully recovering which will make healing items like bandages useful.. FISHING.

    I have more thoughts on this but I need to play more.

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