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    Sorry, this is my first suggestion for dev and I hope they can see my thread:

    1. I want this game have system subscribe in steam store if there are players who want to invest / use premium modes that they can buy with a steam store.

    2. I hope dev can build economic structures like money (bronze, silver & gold), how can we make money? ,, they can melt gold / silver / bronze ingots into coins

    3. Dev can mix servers that have a small number of players to join the same server but have two PVP & PVE functions.

    4. You can exchange spices with coins (Bronze, Silver or gold), this coin is the main coin in a big city (palace) If you want to build a small town (vilages), you can make your own coins but the value of this coin is determined by the big city / castle that is in that location.

    5. I hope this game has an alipay payment system.

    6. Animal can attacking other animals like bear can attack horse / wolf etc

    7. More information in steam store about update & event.

    I have more iddeas but not now because i am lazy xD

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