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    Thank you for the answer Dev!

    I glad to hear you're working on the game to make it better and add other interesting features.

    I hope that the day/night cycle is also added to make this great sandbox even more immersive and realistic.

    Keep it up and good work!

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    Hello Guys!

    I opened a Topic on the Steam forum about this game, but i think this forum is more active than the other, so i copy the topic that i've already opened on Steam here...

    I bought this game after having followed for a while, played less than 1 hour but i already know what to expect and i like it enough.

    I've read on the site that you will add caverns and other similar places to explore, is that so? Because would it be great for PvE Content.

    • Will you also add Dungeons, various Bosses or other events to enrich the PvE compartment?

    • For what i've seen and know about PvP i already like it so would not know if you have anything else in mind...

    • If there is a Roadmap it would be even better, maybe there is already and i will not see it, can you devs or players know more than me give me more info about the future of this game?

    • Is there a kind of keybinding to assign according to their preferences?

    • When will the day-night cycle be implemented? It would make the whole thing more impressive with the campfire lights and the general darkness.

    • Can you fish in the future?

    Thanks to everyone and good game to you.

    P.S: Keep on Devs! Make this game better and better!

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