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    Thats not what I'm saying..
    RL one arrow can kill a bear, boar, deer, rabbit, partridge (even a person). But with the first three its a not an easy shot especially for the unskilled. Even worse, you have to get close for it to be effective, they recommend around 50 Yards or so.

    No ones asking for iron to be at your home, were curious about the fact you place it in pvp region and there only. Strange that you can find copper, coal and tin in pvp areas as well as in pve lands but not iron (much like the looser game eve where all the good stuff was in the lowest law areas were you get pk'd and podded).

    And whats wrong with killing a bear with 1 arrow, christ they generally kill me with one hit (even a bear cub).

    We are not saying we want it to be easier, just a bit more honest and fair for players not interested in pvp (which is why were on a pve server). I can deal with one shot bears killing me, but seriously wolf cubs and bear cubs being red and over 20th level.

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    Bit more realism with the animals, cubs dont kill armed people. There are a number of bear species some are hard to kill others are easy and not all of them need groups or full plate with shield and high skill to solo. American Indians were known to have killed bears solo with melee weapons alone (even easier with bows). Even tigers die from simple snares which cause them to bleed to death over time.

    Iron needs to be more plentiful and we shouldnt need to spend 2 to 3 hours of walking around to find 4 or 5 nodes, this makes the game boring as hell and I tend to doze off at which point I spend ages going back to dominon and logging off. I'm not talking hundreds of nodes but more than just 4 or 5 in the disputed areas, Honestly, iron deposits in the real world are not just found in war torn regions of the world, there also found in safe protected ones.

    Dont know eating needs to be changed, ive done a lot with just 4 food types (breads I get from godsends) rest from wilderness. Doesnt take long to kill rabbits and partridge, deer is pointless for food seeing as how you get the same amount as a rabbit or a partridge. Would be more realistic if deer, horse and boar give more food than currently, deer used to feed a family so only granting 1 food is a bit harsh 5 would be more realistic seeing as how long it takes us to kill one (low skill players). The wilderness has plenty of carrots, apples and mushrooms, even eggs cooked in a campfire get you more than a mushroom so getting 4 of the 5 food areas filled is no great deal. Water should reduce fatigue more than it does (looks more like it has no real effect) and it should effect more than just once, if I drink 3 lots of water it should benefit me 3 times (I do think reducing the effect after the first and subsequent drinks is fair).

    I hunt generally with stone, anything else doesnt last long and needs too much to repair to waste on rabbits, partridge, horse or deer.

    Your area arrow skill should hit every creature in the area not just the one, in description it says area damage but Ive only ever seen it damage the creature I targeted, or maybe im using it wrong.

    I have friends who hunt deer and boar, some did so with muskets and bows, the ones with bows have dropped large boars (and deer) with a single arrow, another after a wet primer and climbing a large fallen over tree to escape the chasing boar, then reloading his musket killed it with a single shot (yes he thought he was done for).

    For deer the target area would be behind the front shoulder, this would hit the hear, lung or liver and if it did not kill the animal instantly it would die generally within approx. 250yards from hemorrhage.

    Boars hit zone is more forward and lower than a deer.

    The best shot to one hit kill a Bear for an archer has the bear broadside where the arrow has the least amount of distance to enter the chest cavity. It's recommended to wait for the bears front paw to move forward before taking the shot to make sure the bone is not in the way.

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    @Angrrrry said in Future of the Game - Suggestion:

    @Waylander Dunno should i record video about any action in game to show how easy the game is?

    I noticed your with level 50 skills....
    My point was how hard it is for a new player or one who is not maxed in skills to advance. I'm more into gathering and crafting so my armor and weapon skills are crap to say the least. How do I get to kill a bear, maybe in a years time it might be achievable, getting the armor, more difficult would be getting the skills up there, and what weapon would be best would be another thing to consider.
    As I said it's no easy task which is why I gave up trying.

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    @ZhaoKuro said in Future of the Game - Suggestion:

    Seems you are high lvl that you can farm ok in corrupted, so if you are low, or dont have strong gear to farm well there your chances getting spices decrease highly

    Not only that, but to even fight a bear a guide I read said it need a tank with steel armor and weapons all of which should be pretty much max skill. You cant solo a bear so in low pop servers the chance of getting a bear skin is pretty slim. The only other player I see dont talk or dont talk english and keep pretty much to themselves. I understand the devs wanting bears to be killed by a group, but when you cant get a group and you need a bear skin the odds of procuring one is negligible to say the least.

    Ive tried and died multiple deaths and went through a crap load of arrows, then just gave up...

    Ive given up trying to find a group to help seeing as how they all will be after a pelt, and if only 1 person gets is then the added odds decrease even further. Devs need to think about this more, im stuck in development cause I cant get a bear pelt, a number of large pelts should make up for this.

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    @Raccoon not only in the medieval period, safron is worth about $3500 today I think

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    Gold and silver, Tulips also where worth more then spices lol.. Theres a story about a merchant who payed the equivalent of 100,000(in todays currency) for a single tulip bulb in goods and property they were that valued. Sugar was also valuable based on its difficulty in making until mass production came along. Sugar was for the rich and noble only.
    Fermented honey made mead, potatoes made vodka, rice made saki. Beer(ale) and wine were drunk because it was dangerous to drink plain water, process for alcohol killed all the nasties in the water. But salt was not considered a spice, the list of medieval spices included
    PEPPER The most widely used spice, then and now, but not for any
    significant medical values
    GINGER Next most widely used spice: a digestive, carminative (to
    counteract flatulence), stimulant; to counteract anaemia and
    liver complaints; to ward off colds.
    CINNAMON Third most important spice: also as a stimulant,
    carminative, astringent; some reputed qualities as a food
    CLOVES Digestive, stimulant, local anaesthetic (e.g., toothaches)
    CARDAMOM Digestive; to counteract halitosis (bad breath), headaches,
    fevers, colds
    CUMIN Digestive
    ANISE Digestive
    NUTMEG & MACE Digestive, carminative, stimulant; cure for colic
    SAFFRON The world's most expensive herb or spice, then and now. A stimulant; cure for headaches, heart palpitations, fainting fits, dropsy, gastric ulcers
    Here are some of the known values 1438-39
    Name of the Spice and value in Oxford
    pence stirling per lb

    Cloves 48.00
    Cinnamon 20.00
    Ginger 28.00
    Mace 36.00
    Pepper 12.75
    Saffron 176.00
    Sugar 24.00
    It appears salt was 0.5 pence stirling per pint and not considered a spice.
    1 shilling was 12 pence, 1 crown was 5 shillings, 1 pound was 20 shillings
    The term 'spice' actually covers a host of sins, including dyestuffs and a wide range of drugs and apothecary materials.
    The spice trade did not begin until the 12th century (1300's)

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